Refurbished - Yamaha EG-112 Electric Guitar (no amp) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, September 25, 2011

Refurbished - Yamaha EG-112 Electric Guitar
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The Yamaha 112 has an excellent reputation as a beginner's guitar, and I looked to Amazon to pick one up.Amazon sells the full 112 beginner's kit, which is essentially the guitar, gig bag, guitar cable, amp, and pitch pipe.I already have an amp and tuner, so this refurbished model fit the bill -- a guitar, gig bag and cable for a reasonable price.I know repairing/refurbishing guitars in not really rocket science, as every pawn shop and music exchange manager can attest. I assumed that Yamaha was refurbishing customer returns and selling them through Amazon. Naturally I expected that Yamaha and Amazon would do the job right.
Well, I'm sad to report that the job was not done right on the guitar I received.A new Yamaha 112 comes with a chrome tremolo.The Amazon listing for the refurbished 112 confirms that the guitar comes with a tremolo.The guitar I received had NO tremolo.Instead, the guitar has a hole where the tremolo belongs.Nice and classy, huh? How did this get through quality control?I can imagine some teenager broke the tremelo off the guitar, returned it, and Yamaha (through Amazon) shipped it right back out -- to me!
The promised guitar cable was also missing. Just a gig bag and guitar with a missing tremolo.Also, although the package seemed to arrive in good shape, I was surprised to find the guitar has shipped without any outer packaging around the original box. Just 1/8" of cardboard and a few styrofoam spacers between the guitar and the harsh world of a UPS trailer.
Caveat emptor.Refurbished is subjective, it seems. Maybe you'll be lucky, and get all the parts Amazon says you will receive. I was not so fortunate.

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Yamaha EG-112 Electric Guitar

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