Washburn HB Series HB15TSK Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Friday, September 23, 2011

Washburn HB Series HB15TSK Electric Guitar
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Like I said in the title, this is a great guitar! And I mean that.

A lot of people will slag on this guitar just because it's a Washburn.While I don't like Washburn guitars that much, I a huge fan of this particular model. It has the look I wanted, plus the sound is thick and warm.It really does sound a lot like those 1920s-1930s "floating pickup" guitars that it is modelled after. The thick neck feels real good in your hands.

There are three different versiosn of this guitar.There's another HB-15 that has the volume and tone knobs on the body itself, and then there's an HB-15 with a single cutaway.Personally, I REALLY wanted the knobs on the pickguard, so that's what I bought. The tabacco burst is cool looking.

I sanded my guitar's neck and body.The neck's so smooth and the guitar looks older, as if it may actually be from the 1930s.The only other alteration I made was moving the strap peg to the neck. Most guitar snobs I know (and we all know a couple) are surprised to hear that this jazz-box is a Washburn.A comporable guitar will run you $600!

The only downsides I've had with my HB-15 is a little buzzing around the fifth fret.I had the fret filed by a luthier (about $10) and haven't had any more buzz since.Oh, it does pay to keep the bridge around the same area, because it can set the intonation off.

Washburn's HB-15 is a GREAT guitar for looks, sound, playability, and affordability.

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Product Description:
Mahogany top, back & sides Bound F holes Multi laminate binding Mahogany neck/Rosewood fingerboard Dot inlays Single mini humbucker pickup Trapese tailpiece Raised pickguard

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