ESP LTD MH250 Electric Guitar - See Thru Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ESP LTD MH250 Electric Guitar - See Thru Black
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This is actually Vladimir's 15-year-old son (the guitarist/metalhead of the household, haha).We ordered this guitar two days ago, and it just came yesterday.(I'm VERY pleased with the speed of its arrival, but I'm in CT and American Musical Supply is in New Jersey, so this probably won't be the case for everyone.)It's pretty safe for me to say that this guitar is one of the best guitars I've ever played.(I've only been playing for two years, but I've tried out plenty of guitars.)The playability is great, the sound is awesome (and the pickups give good variety while still sounding great), it feels very sturdy and heavy, and the floyd rose is a LOT of fun to play with.It came in perfect condition, too.

The only thing is, the picture here looks slightly reddish, though the actual guitar is very black.Look on the ESP website for a better picture, but keep in mind the visibility of the (awesome) pattern depends a lot on the light.But that isn't even any sort of drawback, I'm just saying that this picture isn't quite what the guitar really looks like.

Overall, I am VERY satisfied with this guitar.This is only a first impression, and my opinion may change in the long run, but from what I've seen so far this guitar blows my other ones out of the water.If you're looking for a high quality guitar (with a fun floyd rose tremolo to boot) for a relatively low price, I'd definitely recommend this.

(My bandmates are REALLY jealous.)

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ESP LTD MH250 Electric Guitar - See Thru Black

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