Dean V 79 Electric Guitar, Set Neck, Classic Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dean V 79 Electric Guitar, Set Neck, Classic Black
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I purchased one of these recently from Dean to replace my damaged Gibson LP Standard, and it was supposed to be a fill in until I could get enough cash together for another LP...however, after playing this thing often, I have found it to handle easier than an LP, being much lighter, but the tone is just as right on...the zebra pickups are remarkably similiar to the Gibson '59 sound, and the bound neck is fast and slim like a tapered '60's neck...amazing!Light, versatile, and an unbelievable value in this price range.Other guitar makers entries in this price range are at best souped up versions of their starter guitars...this was the most pleasant surprise of the last 5 years for me.Oh, and I should mention that I am a busy player who needs a sturdy platform to rock on...this baby meets and exceeds those needs...I would suggest adding this fine instrument to your axe collection, and use it often!

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Product Description:
The Dean '79 Series V is built to the original specs of the 1979 Deans, boasting a mahogany body with maple top, a set mahogany neck, a pair of Dean zebra humbuckers, Grover tuning machines, and a Tune-o-Matic bridge. Get the vintage tone without the vintage wear and tear, and forget about that boutique price tag.

'79 Series V at a Glance

    Neck Construction: Set-neck
    Body wood: Mahogany with Maple Top
    Tuners: Grover
    Neck wood: Mahogany
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Inlays: Abalone Dots
    Frets: 22
    Scale: 24-3/4"
    Bridge: Tune-o-matic with String-thru-body
    Pickups: Two Dean Zebra Humbuckers
    Controls: 2 volume, 1 Tone, Three-way Switch
    Hardware: Chrome
    Finish: Classic Black

Get your wings.

Dean zebra humbuckers, Tune-o-Matic bridge with thru-body design.

The Dean '79 Series
1979 was a great time for Dean Guitars. Some of Rocks' greatest players played Dean to include: Kansas, ZZ Top, Heart, The Doobie Brothers, Triumph,The Cars, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard--the list goes on.Dean Guitars builds these beauties to the original specs of the original 1979 Deans, which are now collectibles on the open market. The '79 series uses the Series 2 headstock, larger than the time capsule, and has the same look and feel as their predecessors of the seventies.The '79 series is available in finishes originally offered in the 1979 Dean catalog, including: Cherry Sunburst, Braziliaburst, and Black with white binding--and the prices are just as striking.Mahogany Body with Maple Top
As with the original models, Dean uses a mahogany body for its contemporary '79s.Mahogany is a common choice for electrics, dependably delivering a warm, full tone with plenty of punch and sustain. The maple top focuses the mahogany tone, imparting clarity to your notes/chords, and a little extra high-end bite.Set Neck Construction
The '79 ML features a set mahogany neck, which imparts all the well-known advantages of that style: a warmer overall tone with extended low-end response, wicked sustain, and easy upper-fret access (enhanced even further by the '79s cutaways). The 24-3/4-inch scale neck features a rosewood fingerboard with abalone dot inlays.Dean Humbucker Pickups
To capture the biting tones of vintage Deans, the company includes two of its standard humbuckers, in black-and-white "zebra" style for looks as good as the sounds. And what to expect tonally? These pickups should provide more than enough bite for modern styles, along with plenty of low-end and midrange definition. The standard three-way selector allows bridge, neck, or a combination. Each pickup gets a volume pot, and they share the tone control.Grover Tuners
If you play guitar then you know what this means--solid, dependable tuning from the industry standard. These guitar machines are a triumph in engineering and style, with a gear ratio of 14:1, perfect gear meshing, and zero backlash and slippage. The gear box has a special lubricant for lifetime, trouble-free service.

Tune-o-Matic Bridge
The '79's Tune-o-Matic bridgewith string-thru body design provides even more sustain, along with precise intonation for your tuning preference. The classic v-shaped plate mirrors the headstock wings for some nice vintage Dean style.

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