First Act ME508 Moderator Single Cutaway Guitar with Humbucker Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Act  ME508 Moderator Single Cutaway Guitar with Humbucker
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Picked up an ME508 at a yard sale for $[...] and have been having a blast with it. My other guitar is a Burny Rock'n Roll Model (a nice knock-off of a Gibson TV). The First Act Guitar is much less refined sounding but has a nice tone and is very playable. I have to admit, I'd looked down my nose at the First Act guitars until I saw the Westerberg model and read something where he was talking about how he ended up endorsing the brand.

Until then, I'd only seen the strat-like First Act guitars sold at Target next to the slide whistles. I just thought it was all crap. But some of the FA designs are darn inspired, like this one. Then I think about how desirable Danelectro/Silvertone guitars became for their handsome design and simplicity of construction and the First Act guitars seem like a comparable phenomenon. I wouldn't say any of this if the guitar didn't play well. If there's anything that makes me crazy, it's instruments marketed to beginners that are such junk that a virtuoso couldn't get a nice tone out them. This is not the case here. My ME 508 is a pleasure to play. I don't know what the quality control is like at First Act -- maybe I got lucky. It's lightweight and a little heavy toward the headstock and the knobs scrape the paint, but who cares. It has a decent tone, the neck and fretboard have a nice finish, the action is spot on, the frets are clean, it stays in tune, it's handsome in an unfussy way, and it was $[...]. And they're not much more than that new.

Hats off to First Act for making some distinctive looking guitars that are dirt cheap and actually play pretty well.

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Product Description:
The First Act ME508 Single Cutaway Electric Guitar features a custom solid body with a single cutaway design that delivers rich and warm sound. With a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, the ME508 is both sturdy and stylish. The single bridge-position, proprietary, high-output humbucking pickup hammers out great rock distortion. This guitar also features a tilted 3 +3 headstock and classic hardtail bridge to maximize sustain, chrome-covered tuning machines for accurate tuning, and volume and tone controls. First Act didn't scrimp on style -- the ME508 features a cool blue glossy finish and contemporary pickguard shape.

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