Godin Exit 22 Solid Body Electric Guitar (Natural Mahogany MN) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, September 18, 2011

Godin Exit 22 Solid Body Electric Guitar
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I really love this guitar. Was a little cautious, since I hadn't played a Godin before. But, sought out a few local shops and they had some in stock (none had the Exit 22 though). Just to get the feel of the product line I checked those out and was happy with how they felt.

I like the unique and constrasting coloring of the guitar. Really like the metal knobs on the volume/tone (so much so I'm swapping out on some of my other guitars).

The neck plays very well, and like the maple on this model more than rosewood. Neck is a bolt on, and strings are through the body. The high frets are reachable and elecrified sound is quite respectable.

There are some complaints on the web that the humbucker is subdued. On the back of the body there is an opening (plastic box cover) with markings that look like for battery (i.e. active pickup) - but I haven't seen any connectors. Haven't opened it up to see what's in there, but haven't had a problem with sound level at all.

The combination of HSS pickups really provides quite an excellent range of options for voicing out of this. The pickups are very versatile in the sounds you can get out of them. This is a great bargain product, I'm happy with the high quality of all elements and the playability of the instrument. It's got the ability to sound like just about any other electric, that is a great feature.

This is a nice guitar and I'd recommend it if it appeals to your style.

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Solid Body Electric Guitar

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