Washburn D10 Series Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Monday, August 29, 2011

Washburn D10 Series Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar
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I ordered this guitar as an upgrade to an older, starter Washburn guitar that I absolutely loved, though I probably should have taken better care of it. When I ordered this new guitar I didn't expect anything more than another great Washburn guitar.

Holy crap, I opened the box only to find that it came in an awesome hard case! Nowhere on the page when I ordered did it say it came with a case. It's a very nice, Washburn hard case, with a sweet felt or something inside. That was a very pleasant surprise indeed.

Aside from the case, this guitar also has a great built in pickup. I had to play a show the night I got the guitar and it sounded great. I did replace the strings with some better ones. The strings it came with sounded okay, just a little light and weak, especially when the guitar was plugged into an amp. With some new strings it sounded and played great.

The pickup has a great built in tuner. I've heard others saying the guitar doesn't stay in tune very well, though I haven't had that experience. I have kept it in it's case when I'm not playing it and like I said I put new strings on.

Overall, the action on the guitar is great. So smooth and easy to play. The build quality is way better than a lot of guitars that are way more expensive. The sound of the guitar is very full and rich. The case was a bonus.

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Product Description:
The cutaway acoustic/electric version of the World's Best Selling Acoustic Guitar earned the distinction with superior craftsmanship, tone and value. With increased playability from its deep cutaway and with the addition of the WT-92 tuner/preamp system, we created a truly professional guitar at an affordable price.

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