Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar GT QI Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar GT QI Guitar
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I bought this for my son to upgrade from his student-size Oscar Schmidt acoustic that has been his constant companion for a couple years now (he's now finishing his Sophomore year at Liberty University, started playing in 10th grade--after the OS sat in the closet several years as an unused birthday present from his grandparents--so if you're a parent with a similar guitar in the closet, don't give up!).

First, I'm no guitar expert, but it would make sense

1.not to buy a guitar without trying it first; my son had a chance to play a Seagull owned by a guy in his dorm, and he really liked the guitar. ask advice from knowledgeable people, so I asked my brother who has played guitar for many years, and owns a Martin guitar.He lived in New England for many years, and had a chance to play some Seagulls when they started to come south from Quebec, where they are made.He thought they sounded quite good for their price point, and liked the construction quality and use of different indigenous Canadian woods).

So, based on those recommendations, and Amazon's great price, we bought.It was shipped very quickly (two days after order, even though we didn't pay extra for 2nd-day delivery) in perfect shape--the factory cardboard packaging was enclosed in a large Amazon outer carton, and delivered by a FedEx van, not a full size delivery van, so I wonder if it had special delivery instructions from the Amazon distribution center to result in such a quick and clean delivery.

The guitar features a built-in tuner plus pickup, and sounds good plugged in or purely acoustic.It is a little bigger than the student model, but not as big as some of the large dreadnought guitars I've seen in stores.It fits exactly in an old hardshell case my brother used for his Martin.The finish and workmanship were excellent.

I know Amazon always cuts out URLs from reviews, so I can't provide you a link to my son's recordings he has made with the new guitar, but if you go to purevolume, search for Mark Stockslager, and click on the album cover "Changed my mind", the four original songs you'll find there were all recorded with the Seagull directly into one channel of a TASCAM US-144 Interface.We also saw him play it live through a PA system in a small outdoor courtyard with an audience of about 60 people and it sounded great.The other players at this concert were using Martins and Takaminis that my brother said were much more expensive, and the Seagull sounded as good to my unschooled ears.Don't let the price fool you, this is not a toy or a starter guitar that the big-box music stores sell (for nearly as much); it is a quality instrument that is good enough to be played on stage.

So I think if you have had a chance to play one in person, and have heard from people you trust that it is a quality instrument, you will not be disappointed with this instrument.We would definitely buy another one.

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