Dean SplitTail Standard Electric Guitar with Case (Metallic Silver Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Friday, May 6, 2011

Dean SplitTail Standard Electric Guitar with Case (Metallic Silver
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When I chose this guitar, I did't have any big expectation. I was just looking for mid-priced guitar and ready to take in-shop testing because I know how risky to buy musical instrument without testing with my own hands. Just for reference, I searched at "" and met this guitar. There were several merits; huge discount (however, I never believe MSRP), relatively good hardwares (although I did not have information or experience for Time capsule pickups)and free hard shell case (always over $100)and so on; and I finally purchased it

Although it's alsolutely not a professional high-end guitar compared to several thousand bucks guitar, it's relatively well-crafted, flawless and well-balanced in sound. Neck was comfortable to play even better than my friend's Ibanez at least for me. I thought Mahogany body would be very heavy but it was very lighter than my expectation. Because of relatively heavier headstock, I always have to fix my left hand to hold guitar in standing-up playing and this still bothers me a little bit. Time capsule pickup was more than expectation. It was powerful enough in bridge and very fancy and round-shaped sound in neck. I enjoy to play a little bit old-styled hard music such as Metallica in 1980's and this guitar also makes very good sounds for them. In addition, sustain was incredibly long and going forever!! Hard shell case really came together and quality is really good.

I did't have any experinece for Dean guitar before this one and this deal gave me a good impression for this company (price and quality). If you're enjoying various heavy metal music, I think this guitar can make various sounds for you. If you're also looking for mid-priced guitar with good quality under $600~700, this guitar may be one of good choice. I really like this guitar!!!

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Product Description:
The Dean SplitTail is an electric guitar that combines some of the most popular guitar body features. The SplitTail guitar's mahogany body has deep dual cutaways with sharp horns. The guitar's beveled edges that continue around the entire guitar. The beveled edges make the cutaways even more effective in providing access to the higher frets, and they also catch light and give the entire guitar a more 3-dimensional look. The Dean SplitTail guitar's V-shaped mahogany headstock and rosewood fretboard with pearl block inlays will keep you shredding or chording comfortably for hours. The Dean USA Timecapsule humbucker pickups capture the biting tones of the vintage Dean instruments produced from 1977 to 1986. You get very strong lows and mids creating tone that went into multiple platinum albums during this era. Grover machine heads and a Tune-o-matic-style bridge keep the tuning worries away. Case Included!SPLITTAIL~MahoganyBody~24 3/4" scale~Mahogany Neck~Rosewood Fingerboard~Pearl Block Inlays~Grover Tuners~BlackHardware~Tune O Matic Bridge~USA Dean Time Capsule Pickups~Classic Black, Dark Cherry and Metallic Silver

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