Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar, Blues Burst Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar, Blues Burst
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This model is based on the body of a 135 but playability essentially matches a 335. However, it has some characteristics similar to the Les Paul - notably the locations of the pickup switch and the cable output (both of which I prefer this way as opposed to the other). Because of its mohogany center, feedback is minimal and sustain is good. It has a very broad range of tones that reach not quite as dark and warm as a 335 to not as bright as the LP. It's an outstanding instrument that can play virtually any genre of music. Indeed, versatility is this guitar's strength.

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Product Description:

The Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar

When Gibson's carved-top guitar luthiers in Memphis began building the magnificent ES-137 Classic in 2002, it was an instant success that lived up to its name. The ES-137 is an instant "Classic" because it combines the glories of two classic styles of Gibson cornerstone instruments. Players sang--and still sing--its praises, citing the ES-137 Classic's great feel and gorgeous appearance, as well as its astonishing sonic versatility, from the smooth, round, clean tones required for old-school jazz to the snarl and distortion of cutting edge rock.

The Body Style of the Gibson ES-137 Classic Electric Guitar

The Gibson ES-137 classic electric guitar blends the looks and overall style of a single cutaway semi-hollowbody guitar and the sonic authority of a Gibson Les Paul Classic. It refines the basic design of earlier semi-hollowbody Gibsons by swapping the style's maple centerblock for solid mahogany to increase sustain and reduce feedback at even heavy metal volumes. With its single Florentine cutaway, the ES-137 Classic draws on the heritage of Gibson's earlier ES-135 and ES-175 models for historic inspiration, but sustain, sizzle, and some appealing non-traditional color options make it an absolutely contemporary instrument.Although the Gibson ES-137 Classic also has a custom model, the Classic has plenty of design charm and individuality. It features a top, back, and rims made of visually appealing curly maple on a 16-inches wide, 20-inches long, and 2-inches deep body. The cream binding is multi-ply on top and single ply on the back as well as trapezoid fretboard inlays with the Gibson Custom Shop's world-class Les Paul Classics. But the 12th fret of the ES-137 sports a pearloid inlay "C" to denote its own classic status.

Hardware on the Gibson ES-137

The ES-137 Classic shares Gibson 490 R and 498 T pickups with chrome and gold hardware options, including a Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece. The instrument's neck is sturdy three-ply maple supporting a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearloid inlays and single ply binding. It has a rounded profile and a 24-inch scale length and is 1 11/16th-inches wide at the nut. The tuners are Grover keystones. And complimenting the 490R and 498T humbuckers is the classic Gibson dual volume pot, dual tone pot, and three-way selector set configuration.The ES-137 Classic comes strung with Gibson .010 Brite Wires and get a meticulous examination and dressing on one of the Gibson Custom Shop's state-of-the-art Pleck machines, ensuring optimum playability. The ES-137 Classic leaves the Gibson Custom Shop ready to gig--anywhere.

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