Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar, Rust In Peace with Case Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dean V Dave Mustaine Guitar, Rust In Peace with Case
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This guitar was the only guitar that I've ever bought solely because of the looks.Rust in Peace is Megadeth's best album, and pretty much the best guitar album ever.The album is simply incredible if you like shred, but I already reveiwed that album long ago.

This guitar was bought solely for the fact that it is a Dave Mustaine signature 20th anniversary RIP guitar and that made it a must own for me.When I received it, it was pretty much what I expected, a very comfortable guitar that sounds simply incredible for playing metal.I still play my Gibson explorer more than this guitar, but that is because this RIP "V" guitar is impossible to play while sitting down which I do alot(That is just the nature of a "King V" bodystyle guitar).The contour of the neck is simply amazing, very comfortable for fast riffage.I also like string through guitars, so I am glad that this has no trem(I alsways wanted a Jackson KV2, but they have a floyd rose)Now I no longer want a jackson, this is my V of choice..The case it came in is very high quality.

I went to a Megadeth show recently, and Dave busted out his RIP V, it was pretty cool to see him playing a guitar that looks identical to mine.If only I could play it like Dave does!

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Product Description:
Here's a Dean spec'd to Dave Mustaine's requirements and featuring the illustration from Megadeth's Rust in Peace album. This axe is a serious eye-catcher thanks to its graphics and pointed V shape. It delivers the tone as well, with Mustaine's signature Duncan humbuckers, a Tone Pros bridge, Grover tuners and solid Dean construction.

Dave Mustaine VMNT Rust in Peace at a Glance

    Body wood: Mahogany
    Neck Construction: Set-Neck
    Neck wood: Mahogany
    Fretboard: Ebony
    Inlays: Pearl Shark's Tooth
    Frets: 24
    Scale: 25.5"
    Bridge: Tone Pros
    Pickups: Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire
    Controls: 2 Volume, Tone, Three-way Switch
    Tuners: Grover
    Hardware: Black
    Finish: Rust in Peace Graphics

Duncan LiveWire active humbuckers, Tone Pros bridge.
Grover tuners, signature headstock graphics.

Dean and Dave Mustaine
Dean Guitars is proud to intruduce the Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT series. Well-known in the metal world, Mustaine has been the driving force behind Megadeth for 25 years. The VMNT series offers Dave's special D shaped neck profile with a full two-octave, 24-fret neck, set up at the factory for fast, low action and easy access to upper frets. The guitars feature string-through-body design for serious sustain and playability, along with a variety of solid hardware appointments.Mahogany Body
Dean uses a mahogany body for this instrument.Mahogany is a common choice for electrics, dependably delivering a warm, full tone with plenty of punch and sustain. Set Neck Construction
This axe features a set mahogany neck, which imparts all the well-known advantages of that style: a warmer overall tone with extended low-end response, wicked sustain, and easy upper-fret access (enhanced even further by the cutaways). The 25.5-inch scale neck features an ebony fingerboard, decorated with pearl shark's tooth inlays.Duncan Live Wire Pickups
This Mustaine guitar features--appropriately enough--Mustaine's pickups. His signature model Livewires, from Seymour Duncan, to be specific. These are high-output, 9-volt-powered, active humbuckers with serious tonal response and dynamics. Each gets a volume control, with a three-way toggle between pickups and a shared tone control.Grover Tuners
If you play guitar then you know what this means--solid, dependable tuning from the industry standard. These guitar machines are a triumph in engineering and style, with a gear ratio of 14:1, perfect gear meshing, and zero backlash and slippage. The gear box has a special lubricant for lifetime, trouble-free service.Tone Pros Bridge
The Tone Pros bridge with string-thru-body design uses high-quality components to deliver serious sustain and intonation, for great sound and extremely reliable tuning.

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