Behringer iAXE393 USB Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, December 12, 2010

Behringer iAXE393 USB Guitar
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The Behringer iAxe 393 is simply no good. The build is very under-par. In the playing, the guitar loses tuning far too quickly. To top it all off, after just two months, the very thing that makes this guitar special -- BROKE! I'm referring to the USB module. It now is no longer recognized by ANY system I plug it into. The driver installation software doesn't know when it's plugged in and when it isn't.

On Behringer's end, the Windows Vista driver is extremely poor. Everytime the device was unplugged and re-plugged, none of the programs would recognize it without re-installing the device driver. This was a very tedious and painful task. Tedious because there was no indication after rebooting that the device would now work properly. Painful, because it simply shouldn't be this way!!

The only pro to this device is the IDEA behind it -- that of a guitar built to interface directly with the computer without having to do some magic trick with cables, amps and adapters. But when the device breaks after just two months, of what use is it then? As a regular guitar? It loses tuning every half-hour.

The cons -- too numerous to mention, but here are the biggest ones: 1) USB fixture is faulty. 2) Device drivers are very unstable, especially for Windows Vista. 3) loses tuning after just one half-hour. 4) There are multiple reports of shoddy workmanship on the assembly line.

You would do well to do a LOT of personal reading on ALL Behringer models before making any purchase. Personally, I would avoid this one completely.

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Product Description:
Want to take your riffs directly into the digital realm? The Behringer Centari iAXE393 USB-Guitar has a built-in USB output. Just plug into your PC, fire up the included software, and get ready to rock.

The Ultimate Guitar With Built-In USB Port to Connect Straight to Your Computer

Plug right into your PC with no additional hardware.
Guitar Combos software models guitar amps and stomp boxes.
Classic Meets Cutting-Edge
The iAXE393 has all the features you would want in an electric guitar: a fast 22-fret maple neck, sealed chrome machine heads for tuning stability, three single-coil pickups and a 5-pickup selector for a variety of tonal options, a vintage vibrato bridge and standard 1/4-inch output for use with conventional guitar amps.
The difference? Near the rear strap button, you'll find the USB output, for instant connectivity to your PC. There's also a stereo 1/4-inch headphone output, so you can monitor your playing and recording late at night without disturbing the neighbors.
Native Instruments Guitar Combos
The iAXE393 comes packaged with Native Instruments' "Guitar Combos" software that models guitar amps and stomp boxes. Take your pick from "Plexi Combo," "Twang Combo," or "AC Box Combo" for stunningly real amplifier tones. Guitar Combo's variable-speed file playback function for MP3, WAV, AIFF audio files is perfect for easy learning and practicing, and tuner and metronome functions are also included.
Native Instruments also extends special offers to all registered Guitar Combos users, making it more affordable than ever to take advantage of their award-winning GUITAR RIG software packages.
You also get energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition, an easy-to-use multitracking software. This amazing DAW (digital audio workstation) makes it easy to manipulate your audio and MIDI files, turning song ideas into stunning CD or web-ready recordings. energyXT includes its own multi-FX processor, built-in synthesizers and a drum machine, both of which can be accessed directly via an external controller (such as our UMA25S or UMX25) or programmed in step-write mode.
Accessories Included
In addition to the USB cable, Behringer throws in three guitar picks and an adjustable strap--no trip to the guitar store necessary.
What's in the Box
Behringer Centari iAXE393 USB-Guitar, Software CD, USB Cable, Guitar Strap, 3 Picks

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