First Act 222 Designer Electric Guitar Pack - White (AL222) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Act 222 Designer Electric Guitar Pack - White
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Let me first start by saying I previously owned a $500 Harmony guitar, which was a beautifully designed guitar with great style and sound.

With that in mind, I was looking for an affordable way for me to get back into guitar playing and casually recording, after about 7 years of not playing.I was hesitant to purchase a "cheapy guitar," as I've been quite snobby about the $500 and up brands, but I have a family now and I am in a limited income to afford such splurges.

This guitar easily blew me away.This is not a cheap imitation of a Fender or a Gibson.It has a very distinctive tone, which I am amazed at.For this price, you won't beat the quality of guitar you're getting.I can't lie and say it holds a candle to the expensive brands, but I can say this guitar is a dark horse in the competitive guitar market, and it has a quality and sound unequaled by other beginning guitars.It has an absolutely brilliant and bright tone.I am pleasantly surprised, and I look forward to playing this guitar for some time to come.

As far as the cons?The guitar itself is very hardy, and sounds wonderful.However, the amp leaves much to be desired.With the tone and gain turned all the way down, the sound is great.However, just one notch either way and it sounds like a malfunctioning loudspeaker at Jack in the Box.

Also, the guitar strap isn't the most comfortable and doesn't latch well to the knobs.This is a cheap replacement, though.The audio cord is very cheaply made, as well, and is quite flimsy.I wouldn't doubt it gets static very soon.It does do it's job, however.I just doubt it will have a long life.

Overall, this is a great guitar, a great value, and I recommend it for the beginner or the casual player, excusing the flaws of it's accessories.

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Pick Guard, Full-Color Graphics.Its portable

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