Dean Vendetta Guitar, XM with Tremelo, Trans Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dean Vendetta Guitar, XM with Tremelo, Trans Black
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I'm writing this review to help beginners. For those who don't know, a tremelo is a whammy-bar. this guitar "DOES NOT" have one. But this is still an excelent beginners axe with better sustain than much more expensive guitars. I would'nt worry too much about a whammy-bar right now, the guitar goes out of tune right after the first couple of whammy-bar dive bombs. I have a tremelo on my Vendetta XMT, and never use ir for that very reason. I don't miss it at all. So, heres the meat and potatos- this axe has more than decent pick-ups, it delivers a huge range of tones. It sounds great clean and distorted. This is a great rock guitar and an awsome METAL axe. You name it, and it can do it. You're only limited by your own skill. And speaking of skill levels, this is a very forgiving axe, the neck is not lightning fast, but is still very fast and easy to manipulate. Again the string-through body gives it amazing sustain. The volume and tone controls are not the best, but they get the job done, and something you'll find on any axe in this price range. Also this is a real full-size 24 fret guitar. The Jackson's and Ibanez's in this price range are 22 fret, or short scale guitars. Last but not least make sure you get the guitar (SET-UP) before you play it. The set-up is extremely important, All quality guitar shops will do this for free-just for buying the guitar. So insist on it, or pay a guitar-shop $30-$60 later. The set-up does more than make your guitar sound right, it helps you learn easier- because everything works corectly. So, at the end of the day, I would definately buy another Dean. I hope this review was helpful.

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Product Description:
Dean's Vendetta XM offers the budget-conscious a solid Vendetta option, with a bolt-on neck, a pair of Dean humbuckers, Dean diecast tuning machines, and a vintage tremolo bridge.

Vendetta XMT at a Glance

    Body wood: Paulownia
    Neck Construction: Bolt-on
    Neck wood: Maple
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Inlays: Dot
    Frets: 24
    Scale: 25.5"
    Bridge: Dean Vintage Tremolo
    Pickups: Dean Humbuckers
    Controls: Volume, Tone, Three-way Switch
    Tuners: Dean Diecast
    Hardware: Black
    Finish: Trans Black

Vintage tremolo bridge, Dean humbuckers.

Dean diecast tuners.

The Dean Vendetta Series
With four models to choose from, the Vendettas have string-through-body design, classic Dean V Ferrule pattern, dual Humbuckers, a 25.5-inch scale, and solid mahogany bodies with a maple neck. The Vendetta 1.0 and 2.0 are bolt-on models with black hardware. The 2.0 model features a solid flame maple top. The Vendetta 3.0 and 4.0 sport neck-through construction with the Pearl Evil Eye inlay running the length of the fretboard. The 4.0 version has a beautiful quilted maple top and is available in an all too popular "Tiger Eye" finish. Paulownia Body
Paulownia is an increasingly popular substitute for mahogany in more affordable guitar models. It's a fast-growing, hearty tree native to Japan and Southeast Asia, and has traditionally been used for Asian string instruments.As a lightweight, porous body wood, Paulownia is somewhat similar to swamp ash in its sonic signature: very resonant, with plenty of chime and a nice, tight low-end.

Bolt-On Construction
The Vendetta XM uses bolt-on construction, an affordable alternative to set-neck or thru-body designs. The advantage of this design is that if you do have any neck trouble down the line, you can easily replace it. The maple neck features an ultra-playable 24-fret rosewood fingerboard, with classic dot inlays.Dean Humbucker Pickups
To capture the biting tones of vintage Deans, the company includes two humbuckers. These pickups should provide more than enough bite for modern styles, along with plenty of low-end and midrange definition. The standard three-way selector allows bridge, neck, or a combination, and volume and tone controls are provided.Dean Diecast Tuners
Dean's sealed diecast tuners offer solid tuning and mechanics, for a long lifetime of dependable performance.

Vintage Tremolo Bridge
Add a little flavor to your playing, from subtle vibrato to full-on dive bombs.

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