Zildjian ZBT Ride Cymbal - 20 Inch Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zildjian ZBT Ride Cymbal - 20 Inch
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I began playing clubs when I was 12. Had to sign a waiver to legally play. Throughout my life, I have played in so many bands at so many places and have gone through so many drums and Zildjian cymbals. I just got my 20" ride today. This is, by far, the best cymbal quality I've ever experienced. I also own an Avedis Zildjian from the late 60's (made in Turkey). This USA Zildjian outranks that cymbal and any other cymbal I've ever heard or played...no contest. Sweet. Perfect. I payed $125 in the 60's for the other.....and $79 something for this one. This is a must buy for any drummer.

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Zildjian ZBT Cymbals are the Perfect Place to StartStart Here. Go Anywhere Don't let price stand between you and a sensational sounding set of cymbals. Revolutionary new manufacturing techniques developed by the Zildjian Sound Lab release a fast, bright, high-volume sound from the power-packed ZBT alloy. They make an ideal first set of Zildjians for any school marching and concert band.The ZBT Family:Bright:Intense, high-pitched sound cuts through the mix of other instruments.Loud:Sheet origin and lathing techniques create high-volume projection.Fast:Speaks quickly and brightly when struck then decays rapidly.Consistent:Pressed and lathed from sheets of uniform, high-quality bronze alloy.Great Value:Manufacturing innovation delivers Zildjian quality at affordable prices.Brilliant:Sold exclusively in the highly polished, brilliant finish.Zildjian Rides - More than just a timekeeperThe Ride cymbal is an integral part of every cymbal set-up, from acoustic jazz to heavy rock. When the High Hat takes the role of timekeeper, the Ride is free to become the drummer's most personalized means of self-expression. The clear, well-defined sound, along with its flexibility to voice both riding and accents, opens up unlimited possibilities for the drummer.What makes a great Ride?There are two basic types of Ride cymbal. One type has fewer overtones and extreme stick definition, while the other has good stick definition as well as plenty of spread with more overtones. Zildjian offers both of these extremes and everything between, to give you every possible choice. The hallmark of a great Ride is the consistent balance between stick attack and overtones at any dynamic level.

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