SX SJM62 LH 3TS Left Handed Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, December 22, 2011

SX SJM62 LH 3TS Left Handed
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I actually bought mine direct from Rondo Music, they ship very fast and secure, they even wrap foam around the strings. Very professional. I would deal with them again, and again. Now the SJM. I dont know about the color in the picture because mine has black P-90's, and knobs. I will be honest and tell you that it is not playable out of the box. This is mainly because the el cheap o wanna be Tune-O-Matic is useless, when you strum the strings will slip off the crappy barrel saddles and you can guess from there what you could do (nothing). Luckily I had an epiphone SG special that I had ripped up for parts and I took the TOM off it and dropped it right onto the SJM, making it instantly playable, so before you buy it you will want to buy a TOM before you get it. It reminded me of one of those novelty guitars that you can buy on the boardwalk, until the TOM upgrade and now I have the angry sounding cheap guitar that has balls. I use the whammy all the time and It does'nt really knock it out of tune too bad, but that could be the workings of the 2 Graphite string trees I put on it, replacing the stock stainless steel ones. The wiring is pretty primitive and DIY friendly. Just mind the loose wire to the input jack when replacing the pickguard (maybe yours will be different).
Now the sound. The P-90s are great, they really really suprised me, because stock pups usually suck, these have a nice throaty angry growl, I was playing the power chords from "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day, sounded exactly like it. It can also be sweet and melodius but the only negative is that they make a little bit too much extra noise, some wire shielding should kill that, or just throw Dimarzio p-90s with split coils in it like I am and you'll be happy like R.Kelly at daycare. It also handles pedals very well. Im not really and effects nut yet, (my Boss ME-70 is on it's way) but I am a faithful user of my Boss DS-1 and it sounds damn sexy. It's nice and balanced as far as weight goes, very smooth neck and body, very very comfortable to hold and play. The strap knobs are nicelittle pancake shaped ones, and I am pretty confident with them, even though I dont gig. The nut is good, but I always like to change them for graphite, same for the TOM, graphite is easier on your strings, limiting breakage. Buy locking tuners, this is always a given on any guitar. The neck is fast, and the action can get nice and low, but heres where you'll run into your final problem, you can get a nice bit of buzz in the top of the neck (3rd fret to be clear) no matter how you adjust it. You will need to get a tech to crown and polish your frets. Don't worry it's cheap, and you wont have the same guitar as Mikey down the street. I really think this is a collectable, who knows, may be worth a lot of money one day. Look at Jack White's Airline. I also think this is something you may have seen Kurt Cobain play if he was still here. Buy it do some simple upgrades and you have something unique, cool, and refreshing, in a land of les paul and strat. Also my neck was pretty dry, so I took some pledge and wiped her down to a shine. Buy this you wont regret spending money on it. I plan to dump 400 into it to make it super unique, but I won't tell. OH AND IT'S LEFTY!!! PLEASE SUPPORT RONDO MUSIC AS AN UP AND COMING GUITAR RETAILER/MANUFACTURER, WHATEVER, BECAUSE THEY MAKE GOOD GUITARS AND THEY MAKE LEFTYS!!!!

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Product Description:
The guitar also features an ultra-fast rosewood fretboard with 22 jumbo frets, vintage fulcrum tailpiece with six adjustable saddle bridge. It has a three-ply pickguard (White, Black, White) and D'Addario strings are installed at the factory. Actual weight is only 8.5 lbs. Overall length is 39" including the strap button Width at the widest point is 13" The neck is 1 5/8" wide at the nut and 2 1/8" at the 22nd fret. Scale is 25.5"

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