Yamaha CGX171SFC Flamenco Acoustic Electric, Natural¹ Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Monday, November 28, 2011

Yamaha CGX171SFC Flamenco Acoustic Electric, Natural¹
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Yamaha seems to done it again.This is one fine guitar.Yamaha is known for producing guitars that are comparable in quality to those which cost substantially more, and this guitar seems to be no exception to that rule.The guitar has fine sound, either played in acoustic mode or as amplified.It has a double pick-up system, with both a bridge pick-up as well as an adjustable microphone in the sound hole.The top is solid, which I always look for when purchasing an acoustic instrument on a common sense budget.As a Flamenco instrument, there are clear plastic overlays to the right and the left of the sound hole, which are used by the guitarist to tap the body when playing Flamenco music.A guitar tech told me that the sound of a Flamenco is brighter than that of a classical instrument, owing to the type of wood that is used in its construction.This tonic feature is something which might appeal to you even if you prefer to play classical music with this guitar--and, of course, nothing says that this cannot be done.The action of this model is lower than that of a typical classical instrument.I think that anyone could fall in love with this instrument.I doubt whether you could touch this level of quality elsewhere at the $550 price point.As I stated at the beginning of this review, --this is one fine guitar.

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Designed to meet the needs of modern Flamenco guitarists, the CGX171FC has a warm, strongly projecting sound. A cutaway is added for enhanced high-position access, and the slightly shallower body and lower string height mean effortless handling and playability.The combination of B-Band under-saddle pickup and internal condenser mic guarantees excellent clarity and a natural-sounding, concert-like powered performance, and the mic is mounted on an adjustable gooseneck for optimum positioning. The preamp's responsive high and low tone bands are supported by a unique mic mix control that enables the signal to be blended either in or out of phase, so the sound will always be rich and feedback resistant.

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