ESP LTD EC50 - Olympic White 6-string Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ESP LTD EC50 - Olympic White 6-string Electric Guitar
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I've been playing the ESP LTD EC50 (in beautiful pearly white) since August and I absolutely adore it.

First things first, make sure you at least go play the guitars you are looking at in person even if you end up ordering off of here, I played this and an entry level Fender model (don't remember which one) that cost $100 more and I loved the sound of this one and didn't care much for the Fender.

Now, specifically on to this guitar. I had mine set-up by the folks at the store to get it dialed in and improved from factory specs, so you might consider that. For the money, you won't pick a better guitar than this. It's a sweet little ride, and the body is awesome; this guitar is so inexpensive because of the pick ups...there isn't anything wrong with them and they still sound good, but when you're looking at a guitar in this price range the difference has to be somewhere.

I'll probably swap out the pick ups somewhere down the line here, but this little machine is sweet. It plays well, the frets are easy to work with and the whole thing is very responsive to whatever you want to do.

I'd recommend this to anybody who wants to learn to play the guitar and likes the classic look of this thing.

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Product Description:
ESP has done something very cool with their new EC50. They've started with a classic design, and added their own unique touches like beveled body contours, sculpted cutaway access to the upper frets, and 24 extra jumbo frets -- and they've made it affordable enough for even beginners! The EC50 has ESP LH100 humbucking pickups, a Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard and Black hardware.

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