Dean SplitTail Floyd Rose Electric Guitar with Case (Classic White) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dean SplitTail Floyd Rose Electric Guitar with Case
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I'm reviewing for my son. He thinks this guitar is a great buy. He thought it took a bit too long to arrive, but he was very excited to get it and may have been somewhat impatient.He says his very expensive Gibson sounds better, but says this is a good guitar for the price--the case is a bit flimsy though. Also we found this price to be better than any other we could find by $50!

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The Dean SplitTail Floyd guitar's mahogany body has deep dual cutaways with sharp horns. The guitar's beveled edges that continue around the entire guitar. The beveled edges make the cutaways even more effective in providing access to the higher frets, and they also catch light and give the entire guitar a more 3-dimensional look. The Dean SplitTail guitar's V-shaped mahogany headstock and rosewood fretboard with pearl block inlays will keep you shredding or chording comfortably for hours. The Dean USA Timecapsule humbucker pickups capture the biting tones of the vintage Dean instruments produced from 1977 to 1986. You get very strong lows and mids creating tone that went into multiple platinum albums during this era. Case Included!SPLITTAIL Floyd~MahoganyBody~24 3/4" scale~Mahogany Neck~Rosewood Fingerboard~Pearl Block Inlays~Grover Tuners~BlackHardware~Floyd Rose Lic. Trem Bridge~USA Dean Time Capsule Pickups~Classic Black, Classic White

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