Cordoba C7 Classical Guitar, SP/IN Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cordoba C7 Classical Guitar, SP/IN
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First of all, I should state for the record that I am a professional classical guitarist. For the past 15 years I have owned and played guitars by the late master luthier Thomas Humphrey almost exclusively (I concurrently owned a beautiful instrument by notable English builder Christopher Dean for about two years) all of which are near the $10,000 price range. I mention this only to establish the frame of reference by which I am reviewing the Cordoba C7.

I ordered the Cordoba C7 as a teaching guitar and I received it in record time (about 2 days from ordering). Aesthetically, the guitar is beautiful. The European Spruce top and indian rosewood (laminated) back and sides are really gorgeous for a $500 guitar. What I find most impressive is the sound quality and volume of the C7. The sound is deep, rich, "wet" and suprisingly full and round. This guitar can be pushed pretty hard and played fairly loud without breaking up, although the volume does seem to peak at a certain point compared to true concert guitars (again, it's only $500, what do you want?). The playability is outstanding and action very easy no matter what the string tension. I'm not sure how the folks at Cordoba do it, but they have managed to design and build a very impressive, REALLY good advanced student guitar (or entry level concert-quality guitar?) with fine materials for an unbelievable price.

I want to be careful not to over-state my praise for this guitar, but I have played guitars that sell for $1500-$2000 that do not sound this good. All of my comments and praise should be taken in the context of the price of this guitar. If you are looking for an amazing concert instrument to travel the world and record your Grammy award-winning CD, then this is probably not your guitar (although I would play a concert on this guitar if I had to). If you are looking for a great sounding and playing guitar as a "beater", travel or teaching instrument for an unbelievable price, you won't be disappointed here.

P.S. The case is a gig bag and not really review-worthy. It's solidly made with thick durable fabric, but it's still a gig bag. Overall, a really good guitar/bag package for a great price.

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Product Description:
The Cordoba C7 features a solid Canadian Cedar or European Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides.The top is braced with a 7 fan Torres style bracing system for a warm and resonant sound.The neck is made of lightweight Cedar, and the fingerboard is Rosewood.As a full size traditional Spanish guitar, the scale length is 650mm (25.6 inches), and fingerboard width at the nut is 52mm (2 inches).The C7 is handmade and includes several detailed refinements like an all rosewood binding with a maple and ebony inlaid purfling, rosewood bridge with bone saddle and rosewood & bone inlaid tie block, rosewood headstock veneer, and heel cap.The burgundy ring and mosaic rosette has been inlaid by hand is made using all natural woods.The gold tuning machines are floral engraved with black accents and ebonized buttons.The C7 is a great guitar for anyone looking for the warm sound of nylon strings and comfortable playability.A deluxe Cordoba gig bag with backpack shoulder straps and storage pocket is included.

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