Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, October 22, 2011

Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar
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This was my first nice guitar that I ever had, I received it as a birthday present one year and have now owned it and played it for roughly 4-5 years and it still sounds great. I have several other guitars that are more expensive and I keep coming back to this one the tone is rich and it is a very well rounded guitar good for playing anything from country to rock and roll... from strumming background to picking solos. The only thing that some may have an issue with is the fact that it is quite thick... I'm 6'1" and it still seems pretty big at times however the richness of the tone and overall responsiveness is just unmatched as far as I'm concerned. The pressure that the fret board requires to produce a clean note isn't like other acoustic guitars even with heavy strings it doesn't require you to kill your fingers in the process of playing which allows for hours of painless playing. I would give this guitar more stars if I could, invest in a guitar that will last and sounds good because it's pointless to go cheap and end up not liking it then buying another one until you end up with a bunch of cheap guitars that you don't like because you'll end up buying an nice one eventually anyway so save some money and buy this one and I guarantee you will love it for years to come I know I will.

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Product Description:
A solid top made of select Cedar gives the GS330S a smooth attack and a dark tone that will keep getting better with age! A Nato body meets a Mahogany neck that sports a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard. Features a bound neck and body, concentric ring rosette, sealed die-cast tuners and a Rosewood bridge. Case not included.

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