Ovation CK047 Celebrity Acoustic Electric Guitar (Figured Koa Top) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ovation CK047 Celebrity Acoustic Electric Guitar
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The short and sweet version is: the CK047 is a good guitar under any measure; I added the iDea retrofit preamp, and now I have MP3 recording (high quality) and playback (great for jamming!) right on the guitar.I have played for 20 years, and owned a few guitars. I believe I can notice subtleties that differentiate good guitars from plain average. In fact, I went to the store to check an Ovation iDea, but was immediately disappointed... I had never seen a $600 guitar so poorly finished, as the iDea was (what a flop, Ovation, what a flop...) Anyway, that is when I discovered the CK047. I compared the CK047 against a dozen other guitars on the store. The acoustic sound is superior to many brands. This guitar, however, does not have the best acoustic performance; for instance, Taylor is far superior to Ovation... But when it comes to plugged sound, nothing beats an Ovation. Koa wood gives a rich sound that is not very bright (something totally desirable when you amplify). I bought this guitar as a practice instrument for normal wear and tear, while I keep the high-end guitars for recording and occasional jamming. The tuning pegs are standard Ovation (very precise, keeps it tuned). The finish on the top is very well done; incredibly beautiful, and honors the natural warmth of the wood. This guitar is *very* precise: the first harmonic on every fret matches perfectly the note 12 frets below. The action is low and smooth. Now, a note about origin, as it seems to be a matter of interest: The CK047 is Korean. It does not have the aura that accompanies American-made guitars, but the finish is just as high-quality as you would expect from an American guitar (clarification: Celebrities are mid-level models; only high-end models are made in the USA... had I had extra$1,000 I would have bought an American Ovation). Ovation has been making guitars in Korea for a while, and it shows. I compared this guitar against other Chinese celebrities (the koa Celebrity is only made in Korea, though), and I have to acknowledge that Chinese models' finish is of the lowest quality. Warning: AS OF 2008, STAY AWAY FROM CHINESE OVATION CELEBRITY MODELS... they are hit or miss (mostly miss). Out of six Chinese Ovation Celebrity guitars I compared against the CK047, only one had decent finishing and sound. No doubt the quality will eventually increase, but in the meantime...

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Product Description:
Ovation has added a new figured koa top model to the value priced Celebrity line. The new addition features all the standard specifications of a Celebrity including the Lyrachord bowl, pin-less walnut bridge, and OP 20 preamp. It's figured koa top and matching peghead are finished in high-gloss which highlights the stunning natural grain of the wood.Case not included.

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