Hofner HVC Verythin Classic Electric Guitar (Natural) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hofner HVC Verythin Classic Electric Guitar
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Realy of two, or three mind you, minds with this.
first of all, DONTCHA ( I'm probably tellig this to my-own-regretful-self) ever buy an instrument, much less an expensive one like this, from a distance. One has to check it personaly, hold it, feel it as if you were, say Tommy, that undeletablefeel me/heal me kid.
This for instance is very neck heavy, standing up you'll have to struggle with the balance because the neck will be annoyingly diving away from you all the time. why?
because the neck weights more than the ' too-spred-a-paint-thin' body.
I bought this because with that price tag, and, of course, the looks, you'd think it'd be a pretty safe bet, on top of that there would be this real promising trick , an old dream come true, of having your pick-ups convert from humbuckers to single coils at the turn of a knob. not realy.
the humbucking sound is pretty much what you's expect, but the single-coilness is fake and doesn't really cut it,
for an instrument on that price range, you'd expect the thing to be shipped with the intonation checked.
bottom line is: thing's at least Iffy, pretty and dear, nontheless.
keep in mid Ole' Macca played a hofner bass because they were the cheapest available at the time ( try getting one nowadays! ) and 'cause he's a son of a scot tight wallet.

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Product Description:
Like all of the Hofner Verythin guitars, the Verythin Classic has a much smaller, thinner body profile than conventional semi-hollowbody guitars. In addition, it employs a hand-fitted solid spruce sustain block that does not use tone bars. These features reduce the potential for feedback, accentuate the tonal punch and attack, and preserve the guitar's acoustic qualities.Hofner's Verythin Classic is at home in just about any musical milieu, from the introspective lament of jazz to the aggressive fire of rock. A German spruce top and flamed maple back and sides provide gorgeous tone and a create a regal backdrop for the Classic's elegant inlays and gold-plated appointments. Unique "Clear Contour" circuitry simulates the sound of both nearly-silent single-coil or humbucking pickups, thus enhancing the Classic's versatility.

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