Cordoba 55RCE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar, CD/IN Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cordoba 55RCE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar, CD/IN
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I have owned this guitar for about 3 years and I am more impressed with it now than the first day I brought it home.I have a number of guitars and the only classical guitar I own that I think compares favorably is an Alvarez-Yairi CY 118.While the Yairi is a beautiful instrument in tone and workmanship, the value of it is that of a classical guitar which resonates throughout your body as you play it.On the other hand, the Cordoba 55RCE sounds wonderful but does not have quite the acoustical resonance of the Yairi.But, the Cordoba has an electronic piezo pickup system that makes the guitar come alive when played through a halfway decent amplifier.The Cordoba includes an electronic tuner and 3 band equalizer as well as a presence modifier with its electronic package.The way I would differentiate between the Yairi and the Cordoba is that if you have only one woman to impress, choose the Yairi because of its personal presence and warm sound, but if you have a number of women in a room and want to find the right one, choose the Cordoba because of its wonderful amplified capabilities.On the whole, the Cordoba is a well rounded instrument that you will enjoy playing with or without and amplifier for years.

Please do not let me leave you with the wrong impression.I am 60 years old and have been happily married to my wife for 35 years.However, given the potential romanticism of a fine guitar, I thought that using a woman would make a better description of the appealing nature of its sound than trying to describe it musically or scientifically.

As with any fine classical guitar, I would highly recommend that you play it before you buy it.All fine guitars are a little different.If it is not possible to play before delivery, make sure you can return it within a reasonable amount of time.This should not be a problem for the dealer.If it is, say goodbye and take your business elsewhere.The Cordoba 55RCE is made from some of the finest wood available in a time of scarcity of fine woods.But, even the best of woods do not guarantee long-term structural integrity.Since the Cordoba has an excellent warranty, please make sure that you take care of it in the prescribed way to preserve the value of the warranty, and more importantly to preserve the sound and beauty of the instrument.Even though it is covered by a warranty, you do not want to be without your guitar for any period of time that it takes to fix it properly.It takes a little extra time to care for your Cordoba, but it is worth it.Buying a Cordoba 55RCE is buying art that is functional as well.If you are lucky enough to acquire one of these fine instruments, I wish you luck and all the happiness that will come from your playing.

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Cordoba 55RCE Spanish cutaway electric guitar. Solid Canadian Cedar top with Indian Rosewood back/sides.Soft cutaway with 4band EQ and onboard tuner, natural lacquer finish.650 mm scale length, 50 mm nut (1.96 inches) Includes Humicase Protege humidified case.

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