Traveler Guitar Pro Series Electric Guitar with Gig Bag (Natural) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, August 13, 2011

Traveler Guitar Pro Series Electric Guitar with Gig Bag
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I highly recommend this little guitar for travel and practice.I own seven guitars and use this one for practice more than any other.It is quiet when it's not amplified and is very easy to play.I can bring it with me on any trip.It packs so small that it doesn't even count as luggage on plane.It is also a good quality guitar.

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Product Description:
Traveler Guitar Pro Series Natural with GigbagThe Pro-Series is Traveler Guitar's original, fully loaded, most compact travel guitar! Tried and true for a decade of performance, it is the smallest full-scale electric acoustic travel guitar on the market! Since 1992, this flagship model has featured our key signature detachable lap-rest and private listening Stethophone. A flip of the switch turns this guitar from an acoustic to electric or a blend of both!FAQfrom Traveler GuitarQ:Are special strings needed for the Pro-Series guitar?A:No, any guitar strings are fine. Although your favorite strings will work, we recommend extra light acoustic phosphor bronze .010-.048 gauge. Fender 60XL is what is the guitar ships with.Q:Can I place a strap on my guitar?A:Yes, each guitar comes with an extra thumbscrew that doubles as a strap pin.Q:Does the guitar have a truss-rod?A:Yes, the Pro-Series has a fully adjustable vintage style truss rod, with easy access through the endcap.Q:Are Batteries needed to operate the 'Stethophones'?A:No, it works completely off of air movement.Q:Can the Pro-Series plug into any of my amps?A:Yes, the Pro-Series has a standard 1/4' output jack on the lap rest (where the controls are) that is used when wanting to amplify your guitar. You will have the options of volume control as well as blending the acoustic and electric pick-up together.Q:Is the body and neck a solid piece of wood?A:Yes, each instrument uses a solid piece of Maple for the neck and body.Q:How is the lap rest attached to the body?A:The lap rest is held on by a solid brass thumbscrew and support pin. The thumbscrew makes it easy to attach and detach the leg-rest from the body.Q:What kinds of pickups are installed in the Pro-Series?A:The

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