Peavey Raptor Electric Guitar Package - Red (585300) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Friday, August 5, 2011

Peavey Raptor Electric Guitar Package - Red (585300)
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The Peavey Raptor guitar package is an outstanding value.

Peavey's Raptor guitar is a made in China Stratocaster-like guitar.The quality, while not outstanding, exhibits high levels of workmanship.There are some minor finish issues, but the guitar is solid, and sounds and plays good.Like every electric guitar I've laid hands on, it requires a set up when new (about $40 at my local guitar shop).Once set up, the action is great and the sound rivals lower-end Fender Squiers and Mexican-made Fender standards.

The amp included in the package is serviceable, especially for a beginner.It's clean channel is solid, while the overdrive channel is satisfactory.Because it's a solid state guitar, the overdrive has an on/off type of feel and doesn't vary much with playing dynamics.It will get you started, but will leave you wanting more before too long.However, since it doesn't add much to the cost of the package (the guitar typically sells for about $120 by itself), it's a pretty good deal.

If you're interested in picking up an electric guitar to try it out, this is an inexpensive, quality package.

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Product Description:
That's right, the Raptor(R) Stage Pack(R) now includes the Total Musician Series(TM) instructional DVD that's designed to get beginners playing quickly. Everything needed to start playing is included; Raptor(R) Plus EX guitar, Transtube(R) Backstage(R) amp, nylon gig bag, tuner, strap, extra strings, cable & picks. * Raptor(R) Plus EX electric guitar* Transtube(R) Backstage(R) guitar practice amp* Cable* Gig bag* Guitar strap* Digital tuner* Extra set of strings* Picks* Total Musician Series(TM) instructional DVD* Guitar available in Red, Black, & Sunburst* Weight Packed: 54* Width Packed: 43.25* Depth Packed: 18.5* Height Packed: 16.375 Return input for connection of external effects processorsRecord Out for tapingRF interference protection on all inputs 3-PIN LOW-IMPEDANCE MICROPHONE INPUT - This input is for typical balanced, low-impedance microphones. It will automatically provide phantom power (15V) for condenser mics or active direct boxes. This has an input impedance of 1k ohms. The connector is wired as -Pin 1=shield; Pin 2=positive (hot); Pin 3=negative (cold). 1/4 LINE/HIGH-IMPEDANCE INPUT - This input may be used as either a high-impedance microphone input or for line-level devices such as a cassette player, CD player, video projector or laptop. This will also allow connection from an electric guitar, bass or keyboard. It is a two-conductor input with an impedance of 10k ohms. LEVEL CONTROL - The level control for each channel sends the signal to the master mix bus. Typical operation is between 4 and 8 (dependent upon the input devices) but should be lower than the master level. Please remember that this acts like a preamp, so if you are using a device that has a volume output control (i.e. -a tape or CD player) you will need to do some level matching by adjusting the level controls on each unit TREBLE TONE CONTROL - This is used to adjust the overall tone o

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