Washburn DK20T Acoustic Guitar with Built In Tuner Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Washburn DK20T Acoustic Guitar with Built In Tuner
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I found no reviews of the DK20 CET when I bought, so here's mine, based on 38 years onstage handling acoustic guitars.
I bought this guitar as a backup that was cutaway, and since I own a vintage (1972) Washburn Prairie Song Custom, I banked entirely on the reputation of that pinnacle of guitar craft.I realized that the guitar was mostly glitz from the ads I saw, and was not expecting a whole lot.
When I got it, the action was incredibly high, so before I even tuned it I set up the action. Brought the bridge saddle and nut down quite a bit to reasonable height for easy playability.I tuned it up then and was completely knocked out by the sound.It is a very sweet guitar, perfect blues guitar with lots of expression. But it also has a powerful bass for rhythm domination, lol.
The fretboard is virtually the size specs as the Prairie Song Custom, slightly wider than some for intricate picking.The frets are a bit uneven, but that is expected on a guitar this price. I'm going to even the frets up and lower the action a bit more.
The electronics functioned properly, Im not a big fan of the Shadow underbridge pickup, but Im going to invest in an I-Bar Baggs pickup, this guitar deserves it.
The gold tuners seem a little on the iffy side, thats the only weak point I find.
As far as workmanship, I havent found a flaw in this guitar, but can't testify to how it will hold up.
My Prairie Song Custom has held up well to 36 years of onstage abuse, and was once picked up off a stage by a tornado and still is sweet. I can only hope this DK20 does half as well. If it gives out I'll buy another.
I would have paid $600 or 700 for this guitar if I'd played it set up as it is now.

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Product Description:
Washburn DK20 Series Acoustic Guitars feature high-quality spruce and mahogany construction like you'd expect to find on lots of pro instruments. What you might not expect, though, is an onboard tuner - on both models! That's right - even the all-acoustic DK20T has an easy to use Washburn Eventune WT-62 onboard guitar tuner. You can also choose the DK20CET - an acoustic/electric with built-in electronics including 4-band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence) and a Digital Processing Tuner; plus comfortable cutaway access to the top of the neck. Details include body, neck and headstock binding; gold die-cast tuners; and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

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