AXL Headliner Series Electric Guitar, 1/2-Sized, Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Monday, May 9, 2011

AXL Headliner Series Electric Guitar, 1/2-Sized, Black
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Purchased this as a 2nd attempt to obtain a decent 1/2 sized
guitar for my five year old son's birthday.The first was
a Dean Playmate acoustic from Amazon--which was a total bust.

I decided to purchase the AXL 1/2 Headliner electric based on
the company's reputation for making decent quality guitars for
budget minded players.When we received it, it actually looked
great in terms of appearance and funtions/features.

This all changed once we tried to tune it.We simply could not
bring this guitar up to has horrible tuning machines
which do not hold their tension.In addition, there is noticeable
fret buzzing on the 6th e string.

I have come to realize that 1/2 sized guitars will likely all have
tuning problems, similar to what we experienced here.The neck
quality simply cannot support the tension of regular guitar strings,
which these use.

I am returning yet another guitar to defective
quality.I will likely turn to a 3/4 sized electric guitar, knowing
that this will be a bit big for my son.However, the overall scale
of a 3/4 lends itself to more of a quality build and, hopefully, a
more in tune and authentic sound.

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Product Description:
Available in full, 3/4 or 1/2 size, the AXL Headliner SRO (AS-750) electric guitar is a budding guitarist's perfect axe, featuring a solid alder body, three single coil pickups, maple neck and tremolo bridge. The Headliner SRO has met the demand for a quality guitar that is also available in fractional sizes. Full-size SRO models are available in black, white, sunburst and red finishes. Fractional sizes are available in black, metallic blue and metallic red. The Headliner is also available in a left-handed version (AS-754)

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