Yamaha EZ Learning Guitar EZ-AG Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yamaha EZ Learning Guitar EZ-AG
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It is basically the same guitar as EZ-EG but without the tremelo and the UX-16 USB MIDI cable.Another neat thing about this guitar (besides being stringless) is that you can use it as a MIDI controller.
I've been watching the price for this neat learning guitar on Amazon for a while now, but am disappointed that it is still way over priced ($249.99 at this moment) compare to other online retailers.Most online stores are selling this thing for under $200.The cheapest I've found (from musiciansbuy.com) was $195.95 including free shipping, Yamaha PA3C power adaptor, Stereo headphones and Two-year extended warranty.I hope Amazon will not only match but also beat that price soon so I can put this guitar in my wish list to show my wife what I want for Christmas.

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Product Description:
Includes Yamaha Electric Guitar EZAG Manual.

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