AXL Headliner Series Electric Guitar, 1/2-Sized, Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AXL Headliner Series Electric Guitar, 1/2-Sized, Black
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I bought this guitar for my 4 years old son for Christmas (I was tired of him trying to put on my full size guitar and banging it in the process). It was an instant hit. It fits well and looks like Eric Clapton's fender - close enough anyway - his favorite guitar player. The guitar is well made, with nice paint, good neck, pickups appropriate for the price. It was not properly set up upon arrival as the seller claimed it would be, but it is not the guitars fault. Also the E string just broke (the thick one oddly enough)but that happens. The guitar is a real deal and I pick it up myself half the time for the fun it is. I recommend it.Of course you will need to buy an amp and a cable.

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Available in full, 3/4 or 1/2 size, the AXL Headliner SRO (AS-750) electric guitar is a budding guitarist's perfect axe, featuring a solid alder body, three single coil pickups, maple neck and tremolo bridge. The Headliner SRO has met the demand for a quality guitar that is also available in fractional sizes. Full-size SRO models are available in black, white, sunburst and red finishes. Fractional sizes are available in black, metallic blue and metallic red. The Headliner is also available in a left-handed version (AS-754)

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