Oscar Schmidt OG2CETR Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oscar Schmidt OG2CETR Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar
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I am currently happy with this item, but there are some things you must first know about it:

1. The 9V battery for the pickup is only accessible through the small sound hole. You must loosen and spread the strings to get to it. The battery had fallen off during shipping and was rattling around in the body when I got it, but no damage was done.

2. The pickup seems to be just a microphone attached to the bridge area inside the body. When I play and I get too close to my amp or too loud, I get loud feedback. If I shout at the bridge, I can hear my voice a bit. Sometimes when shifting the body in my hands or sliding my fingers up the factory strings, I can hear it on the amp. This, however, is only at high volumes. Playing at a reasonable volume, however, it sounds fine. Just don't expect to play a loud gig with this.

3. The strings that came with it were terrible, and they came factory installed in a really slipshod fashion. Essentially, they had tied a knot at the end of the string, fed it through the bridge hole, and wound it around the peg. When I tried to tune the high string, it kept pulling through the hole. I went and bought a set of Martin crystal strings and they look, feel and play much better. That also eliminated the sound I heard on the pickup when sliding my fingers up the strings. I also strung them up by using the over, under, over, under method common to classical guitar stringing. I have also read a suggestion that using a different, larger knot will also solve the problem. I did not try that.

Since I have gone through these three items, I have been playing it for two evenings straight and have no other problems not common to all ukuleles. Yes, you will need to tune it every 5 minutes for the first few hours of play, the strings will settle in after you've tuned it a couple dozen times. This is normal.

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Product Description:
Acoustic/Electric Cutaway, Active EQ system, Dreadnought style, High gloss finish, Select spruce top, Catalpa sides & back, Standard X Bracing, Rosewood Fingerboard, Mahogany Neck, Fully adjustable truss rod, Chrome die cast tuners, WT92 preamp system

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