First Act ME445 Designer Double Cutaway Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Act ME445 Designer Double Cutaway Electric Guitar
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About a year and a half ago, I bought the First Act ME501 for a whopping $59, and loved it.I loved it so much, I took it on stage with me, and it eventually became my first choice over my $600 American Standard Telecaster.It was reliable, and sounded great through my Tech 21 amp.

A few weeks ago, trolling the Ebay site, I spotted the ME445 going for less than $50 - I bought it...once again rationalizing the purchase due to its low price.When it arrived, once again, I was pleased with the craftsmanship of the instrument.I plugged it into the Tech 21, and was quite satisfied with the tone.Whereas the ME501 has a more crunchy, garage band tone, the ME445 has a much creamier and bluesy tone to it.It also seems a little lighter than my ME501, however, it's got terrific sustain.Just like my 501, it stays in tune like a champ.

I still see where people are relegating First Acts to the bottom of the musical instrument spectrum, which is too bad.I've gone broke buying Gibsons and Fenders over the years - First Act builds terrific instruments that stand up just fine with the pricier status symbol guitars.

The ME445 is a terrific guitar bargain for those just learning.In my case, a veteran guitar player of over 20 years, I'm comfortable bringing this axe on stage with me - it looks cool and sounds great...I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again...

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Product Description:
The First Act ME445 Designer Double Cutaway Electric Guitar features a custom solid body with a double cutaway design that delivers a warm and brilliant sound. With a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, the ME445 is both sturdy and stylish. The contoured body has excellent high fret access, and the two, patent-pending, high-output humbucking pickups that deliver an awesome sound. This guitar also features a titled 3 + 3 headstock and classic hardtail bridge to maximize sustain, chrome-covered tuning machines for accurate tuning, and volume and tone controls for sound tweaks. First Act also didn't scrimp on style -- the ME445 features a high-gloss metallic black finish with retro stylings, but with a modern vibe, and an attractive white pearloid contemporary pickguard shape.

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