Silvertone Sessions-Master Pro Electric Guitar, Cherry Sunburst Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Monday, November 29, 2010

Silvertone Sessions-Master Pro Electric Guitar, Cherry Sunburst
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Ok, let me start by saying I was so very skeptical when I saw this guitar advertised here on I was skeptical because I have played Les Paul guitars, I have played Les Paul copies, and some copies were good and some Les Paul guitars were cheap (epiphone 100 etc.). So when searching for a Les Paul copy, how do you get a good one at a really reasonable price? WEll I was convinced that I would have to spend 225.00 or more to get a decent copy. Agile had good reviews, but I kept wanting to buy the upper level to get what I want and that bordered 300.00 bucks. Well, if your going to spend that, why not get a Les Paul Studio series for about the same? Well for me, thats because the studio series didn't have all the bells and whistles. So I kept searching. HERE IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING!

I had nothing to go on but reviews. So I read a ton of them. Just about the time I was ready to buy I would read a bad review on the guitar I wanted. UNTIL I FOUND THIS SILVERTONE SSL3 CS. I couldn't find many reviews. But I did find one guy that was an experienced player and very eloquent in how he decribed this guitar. I was intrigued at how he had taken it to his local guitar shop to have the action tweaked a little (I will have to adjust mine a tiny bit too), But he described how the guitar shop tech was amazed at his SILVERTON SSL3, and he went on to say how the tech pulled some Les Paul guitars from the shelf and compared them. He said he was in Awe of the quality of the Silvertone. I somewhat agree.

I unboxed my Silvertone SSL3 just today and I couldn't wait to write about it. What an amazing guitar with amazing craftsmanship! The guitar is almost setup perfectly except for tiny bit of string buzz on two strings. Slightly raising the action did not cure the problem. But the guitar looks great, balanced well and sounds amazing! I forgot to mention it is total EYE CANDY also! It is beautifully constructed of obviously quality materials. The finish is perfect and flawless. This is not a light piece of junk. I cannot tell the difference in the weight and feel of a 1500 dollar Les Paul. And I paid [...] bucks with FREE SHIPPING! Did I mention, FREE SHIPPING! I really thought I would need to at least install better pickups to be satisfied because I record a lot. Well, I was pleasantly wrong about that!

After not being able to get the BUZZ out of the strings, I emailed the seller and Scott at American Music Outlet said BOX it up and ship it back. I did that and before the guitar made it back to them, they had already shipped me another one, but they took the time to set this one up perfectly for me..low action with minimal string buzz. Wow am I happy about that! These guys were awesome and do have a guitar tech to set up your guitar when you purchase it!

The ONLY thing I can say negative about this guitar other than the string buzz is really not about the guitar at all..that is the warranty card says five years. The box and the seller say lifetime warranty. But either way, it is a steal at [...] bucks and I am considering buying another just in case I need another! It says on a removable sticker on the back of the headstock that it was made in Indonesia. I had no idea they could make guitars of this quality over there.

IN CONCLUSION:This guitar gets a solid B+ only because of string buzz..its not far from an A, after my experience with American Music outlet and Scott setting up a replacement for me, I give it an A now for sure. I'm not going to say its a good guitar for the [...] money, because its a good guitar for any amount of money. This guitar should cost 300-600 bucks to get this kind of quality. But then folks would just buy a Les Paul I guess, but as for me? I don't buy it because of the name, I buy it because of the quality which usually means a brand name..but not in this case! Buy it, and if you don't love it, sell it for a profit! Most places I found this guitar want [...] dollars. Its a steal at that price. But this seller on has it at [...] and free shipping which is UNBELIEVABLE. Do not be afraid. I am the most critical human you will ever read a review from and this guitar is a real quality constructed beautifully sounding guitar and surpasses most Les Paul Copies I have ever seen, it surpasses many epiphone also and know this..I have to have quality and value or I am not happy. I have never been happier with a purchase in my entire life! Thank you Silvertone (Made by Samick who makes guitars for many of the BRAND NAME COMPANIES) for an incredible guitar at an amazing price.

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Product Description:

With its classic single-cutaway style, blazing humbuckers, flamed top, and sunburst finish, the Session Master Pro from Silvertone all but screams rock and roll. There's just two things missing--plugging it in, and turning it up.

Classic Design at an Affordable Price

The Silvertone SSL3 has classic lines and an impeccable fit and finish, making it a great guitar to play and own. And it's got the looks to match, with a beautiful cherry sunburst finish that shows off that flamed maple top.

Dual vintage-style humbuckers with serious output.

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