Luna Neo Mini Electric Guitar - White Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, March 5, 2011

Luna Neo Mini Electric Guitar - White
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I bought this guitar in attempt to practice the technique of wrapping your thumb around the neck to play the bass line (watch the footage of Hendrix at woodstock). A small scale guitar would be perfect for that. And, for just that, it does ok. However, quite a number of the frets buzz, the body is not contoured to anyones body, and you are smacked in the face with "cheap". I even broke the adjustable poles on the humbuckers the first time I tried to turn them. Weirdly, this actually improved the sound quality, which was below average to begin with. With all the poles sank deep into the humbucker it actually has a rather nice mellow tone now.

Around the time I bought this, I picked up an Ibanez Mikro for the same price. As a short scale guitar, the Ibanez is much, much better and easier to play, though it lacks the "warmth" of midrange tone you get from the Luna.

For the price, the Luna a decent guitar, though it should only be considered a basic beginner guitar or practice guitar. It does look good though.

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Luna breaks new ground with the Neo Series….fresh, youthful and revolutionary, the Neos are an innovative line of electrics aimed at young musicians or those who have managed to stay young at heart. The minis share the same distinctive features as the full size Neos, making them an incomparable first guitar for the young budding musician or a sharp little travel guitar for the seasoned player.

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