Avion MAV1 Black Finish Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, December 10, 2011

Avion MAV1 Black Finish
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I purchased this guitar for my son based on the product description and it's smaller size.It seemed solidly built and did not feel like a "Toy" guitar and the 185 DOLLARS we spent was definitely not a toy price.But we were(and are) constantly frustrated with it's complete inability to stay in tune and once in tune it will not "play" in tune.The neck is not rigid and can be visibly bent with only slight pressure causing total loss of tone.Any pressure beyond the lightest touch on the strings causes horrible tone problems.I have played guitar for 12 years and this guitar is simply USELESS due to tone problems.(even for a beginner) I can not play it, my son cannot play it, and his guitar teacher cannot play it in tune. It is now a wall decoration. I had to buy my son another guitar (an OLP MM1, a fantastic guitar for $200) for his guitar lessons. Save your money, DO NOT BUY THIS WORTHLESS GUITAR.

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Product Description:
Many players love the look of an arch top solid body but are not aware of the incredible performance benefits it generates. The arch top adds mass for rigidity under the bridge, preventing the body from stealing energy off the string. This may add some weight, but the improvement in attack and sustain is worth it. The maple top on a mahogany body provides serious definition with an amazingly warm tone. The set neck single cutaway design creates a tight connection between neck and body for optimum string performance. Mini - Bolt on 1 humbucker 1 vol., 1 tone Rosewood Fingerboard

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