Steinberger Synapse SS-2F Guitar with Gigbag, Antique White Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, November 12, 2011

Steinberger Synapse SS-2F Guitar with Gigbag, Antique White
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I've always liked the efficiency of the minimalist Steinberger.I mean, why have more guitar than you need?The day I got my Steinberger Synapse it already had problems.An annoying buzz from deep in the guitar.I contacted Gibson who referred me to one of their local warranty luthiers.He removed the buzz after a week in the shop.Since there's so little to the guitar, I wondered how they could miss something so fundamental.I wanted to go a guage lighter on the strings.Double-ball end are hard to come by, so I loaded regular single-ball end into the guitar.The hex screws that were supposed to hold the strings didn't.The head-end has a design flaw so that any string under a certain gauge will wiggle right out of the clamp that is supposed to hold the string.The last straw came when I went to adjust the action and intonation.There is a hex bolt that keeps the bridge pieces from flopping around.I needed to loosen that to do anything that moves the bridge, like adjusting action and intonation.The problem is, the hex screw was half-way underwater, that is the head of it was so low perpendicular to the body of the guitar, that in order to insert a hex wrench you would need to drill a divot into the guitar body to insert the wrench.I can only assume this is problem of execution, because the instruction manual pictures show the screw head above the guitar body.Now I have to pack up a a brand new guitar for RMA at Gibson.Who knows what I'll get back.Support from Gibson has been slow.I don't think they care too much about their Steinberger brand.Now that I know how poor their execution is on making a guitar, there is no way I would buy a Les Paul.

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Product Description:
Designed by Ned Steinberger, the Synapse guitar is a HYBRID instrument combining the strength, rigidity and clarity of graphite with the warmth and beauty of wood.The result is a guitar of unequalled performance.At only 31.75" in length, this full-size instrument makes the ultimate travel guitar. Low-impedance EMG USA humbuckers offer a broader bandwidth for unique and robust tone and are mounted on stabilizers that keep them from tilting. Improved intonation from a zero fret. Unique Steinberger Combo headpiece improves balance, ease of tuning, and tuning stability while the patented Direct-Drive double-ball bridge lets you change strings in seconds then tune up once and not have to tune again until you change strings.

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