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i have purchased two low-cost guitars for use in our small Christian church located in rural eastern-central mexico.this roy clark cutaway was chosen based mainly on the old days when i enjoyed roys comic skills and guitar picking ability as seen on HeeHaw (there were no reviews posted).after about three weeks of use, romiro the guitar player (and we listeners)seem quite pleased w the guitars classy-looks and its sound, both when amplified and when purely accoustic. the guitar bag seems sturdy enough, ramiro faulted its lack of padding.ramiro is a small-bodied man so this guitar fits him well, and the neck is narrow enough for his finger-reach.

the other low-cost guitar we bought was the rogue dreadnought of course has a bigger sound as it is a big guitar.the pre-amp is noisy and that has been its biggest defect.that could be because our electric wiring down here is no where near the "code" found in the u.s.a.

of the two guitars then, both made in asia i believe, the roy clark cutaway seems like a real deal...

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Roy Clark's Custom Cutaway Guitar includes an autographed protective gig bag-carrying case, custom guitar strap and autographed picks. This beautiful 39 inch acoustic/electric cutaway guitar custom designed by this country music legend features Spruce, Basswood and Catalpa woods. This fine instrument has 21 frets, pearl dot inlays, premium die-cast machine heads and a fretboard & tailpiece made of a Rosewood with a 4 Band Piezo style equalizer electronics with volume control for unrivaled amplified performance. This extremely well made instrument must not to be confused with other guitars or similar products currently in distribution. This guitar alone could easily sell for over $300 in an average music store. Each serial numbered guitar comes with a reassignable certificate of title with the serial number, date of purchase and owners name embossed for authenticity. Order now and we'll include in an extra set of Roy's Premier Guitar Strings as well as Roy's Promotional Branson Concert DVD, absolutely free. This great gift includes over 2 hours of priceless footage and menus including Roy Clark demonstrating your soon to own Custom Cutaway Guitar. This Free DVD contains over 2 hours of priceless footage and clever menus including Roy Clark demonstrating his great new Custom Cutaway Guitar. This previously unreleased live concert from Roy's Branson theatre includes Moscow Nights footage with scenes of every day life in the USSR. All scenes were recorded by the band while on tour in Russia and set to a moving live performance. This 'must have' collectors DVD video also includes a live 'never seen before' rendition of Hee Haw! So order today while this incredible offer lasts!

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