Golden Gate S-96FV T Style Guitar Neck (Vintage/Maple) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, November 6, 2011

Golden Gate S-96FV T Style Guitar Neck
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I purchased this neck because the price was so good, I knew I couldn't make one that cheap. And I felt like if the project was a bust, I wouldn't be out a lot of cash for the learning experience. I liked the idea that the neck was mostly finished. I worried about cutting the peg-head shape, and being able to match the factory color when I finished my cut edge. Zinsser Amber Shellac solved that problem for me. It is a very good match to the factory color. The neck is now ready to install on the body, but the body is several days away from being ready. The neck construction quality seems decent. I wish the neck came with a nut, though. I'll update my post after the guitar is done.

By the way, when you cut the peg head shape, put blue painters tape on both sides of the head to protect the finish. I recommend using a band saw or jig saw to cut the shape. A spindle sander works great for sanding the cut edge. I don't recommend using a router to cut the shape; I almost trashed the neck with the table-mounted router. The painter's tape is great for reaming out the tuner holes, too. The Fender Vintage tuners I installed required a hole enlargement to install them.

I built the guitar, and my imperfect construction highlighted one undesirable feature of this neck's construction. The frets are not all the same width. Some are filed shorter than others, and the finished angle of the fret end is steep. This eats into the usable fret at the two ends. If my neck was perfectly aligned on the body, this would not have been an issue. With the misalignment, it wouldn't be an issue if the frets were all dressed the same. As it is, there are a couple upper frets where you have to be careful with the fingering, or the high E string wants to slide off the filed fret end.

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Product Description:
Golden Gate T style electric guitar neck. Each neck is made from select Canadian MapleAged finish, Rosewood fingerboard with M-O-P dot inlays for T-style guitar (Flat neck pocket)Pre-fretted with truss rod installed Headstock requires final shaping for that personal touchHoles pre-drilled for tuner installation Scale length: 25-1/2"Width at nut: 1-11/16"Width at 22nd fret position: 2-3/16" Fretboard radius: 12" Fretwire: .040" high x .100" wideNut slot: 1/8" wide

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