OMC AURA Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, October 16, 2011

OMC AURA Acoustic Electric Guitar
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I got this guitar for Christmas a couple years ago, and it is a typical Martin, i.e., beautifully manufactured, expert workmanship, the best woods and materials, and something of a work of art.The mother of pearl inlays are quite striking in appearance, as is the trim.But any guitar is really about the sound.Unplugged, it sounds very nice; pure tones and good separation of bass and treble.Plugged in, however, it really blossoms:beautiful, clear, resonant bass, very pure midtones and crystalline trebles!The electronics are first rate.

One thing to be aware of, though.This is primarily a finger-picking guitar, as the nutt is wider than standard.The fretboard is rather flat as opposed to the curved fretboard you see in strumming guitars.While it certainly can be strummed, it is really made for finger picking, and it excels at this.From the factory, the action was setup rather high, which is common for Martins.I had it professionally set up, and the action lowered, which greatly improved its playability for someone with smallish hands.

So, while this is far from an inexpensive guitar, you get a genuine Martin and all that that implies:a beautiful instrument that will last forever (properly maintained) with a full-bodied yet crystal clear tone.If your playing sounds bad with this guitar, it's you, not it!

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Product Description:
Now you can bring the studio-quality sound of your Martin guitar to the stage in an onboard format with the Fishman/Martin Onboard Aura System. This onboard version of Fishman's groundbreaking new Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender harnesses the power of...

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