Luna Apollo Single Cutaway Tranz Electric Guitar, Brizilion Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luna Apollo Single Cutaway Tranz Electric Guitar, Brizilion
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My husband and I both play guitar and bass. We own a number of instruments: Martin, Fenders, Gretsch, Tobias, Breedlove. I have been playing guitar less than a year and have an acoustic but wanted an electric to begin to learnsome different things on.I read about Luna and how they were made for smaller hands and was intrigued. Also because I liked the artist look of them. I was going to wait for an electric with funds tight right now but was on Amazon here and put the Luna Apollo in the cart and it was a little less than 270.00(on sale) I thought well, for that I will give it a try.

The Apollo arrived today August 14th. I was excited but skeptical due to the price and some of the features for that price. I have the trans brazilin.I could not believe what a great looking guitar it was. We could not find a flaw on it and we have been looking. It was set up nicely with the strings low but no buzzes. It tuned easily with great harmonics all down the neck. My husband has big hands and liked the neck too. It sounds great through my bass amp and a guitar amp. It really shined ran through some compression, phase, wah and distortion pedals. I feel like I got a great buy with this and very happy at the moment.

The humbuckers and Grover tuners would cost the price of the guitar to buy! The neck is ebony, not an ebony finish. Ebony has to have frets hand set in. (Rosewood is set in by machine) The moon abalone fret markers are beautiful. Frets are all smooth and nicely finished. It was made in Korea but so was my husbands Gretsch at a much higher price. I would recommend this without any reserve.

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Product Description:
The Apollo Series from Luna is for the discerning player who needs a serious sound. Combining the best of Luna's Neck Designs with a comfortable body profile, the Apollos each have their own custom Luna pickup along with a classic Ebony "V" setneck design. Feel the difference.

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