Esteban Gift of Guitar - Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Esteban Gift of Guitar - Black
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Timothy who reviewed this above must have been paid off lol b/c this is without a doubt the worst product i've laid my eyes or fingers on in 10 years of playing guitar.What's wrong with it? You name it.
Its slapped together with glue spots all over it.
The fretboard feels really strange and rough, with a super high action.
It will NOT stay in tune.I actually prayed for it to stay in tune and I don't do that often. It actually smells funny, it smells funny!
Take your money and burn it, you would actually have more fun doing that than playing this god forsaken thing.

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Product Description:
Esteban autographed "Gift of Guitar" with lessons gives the beginning student a chance to learn from the master himself! Deluxe gift set includes full-size steel string acoustic guitar with nylon carry case, allen wrench for tuning, picks,straps, two instructional videos plus "Enter The Heart" CD.

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