Epiphone Special-II Les Paul Player Pack, Vintage Sunburst Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Epiphone Special-II Les Paul Player Pack, Vintage Sunburst
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I bought this exact guitar when I was 12 years old, now at 23, it still works and is in great condition. This guitar is wonderful to start learning on, especially if later on you plan on playing an authentic Gibson Les Paul, which is is nearly double the weight. This guitar has a slightly smaller scale which is better when you are starting off, and all Gibsons, as well as Epiphones have heads that are angled slightly at 45 degrees from the neck which is better for sustain. The neck is slim and easy to wrap your fingers around, even if you have short fingers. You'll find that compared to Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, the Ephiphone's neck will make you feel as if your fingers are sliding on water. The strings are closer together than the other guitars such as the Parker Fly or the Fender Strat, and that makes it good for not only chords, bar chords, and the like, but also good for solos. Whether you are sitting or standing, the body is comfortably shaped. All in all, it is worth the cost.
The only thing wrong with this guitar that most people will eventually notice, and have problems with, is the infamous 5th fret buzz. It does not go away. It the guitar's only defect. But if you are jamming a lot for hours on end (like I have) you probably won't even notice.
If you are trying to decide Fender Stratocaster (a very popular beginners guitar), vs. Ephiphone Les Paul Special II, go with the Les Paul. It is much easier to play if you can get past the fret buzz, and its dual humbucker pickups will give you a nice round, full, tone. Of course, if you can afford an investment such as the Gibson version, then why not go for that ;o)

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Our number one selling model comes with everything you need to get going on guitar. The Epiphone Special II Player Pack is a great way for beginners to get started onguitar with real, Les Paul tone, just like seasoned pros love the Special II because its a great-sounding, workhorse guitar that lets them leave their more expensive axes at home. The authentic LP power starts with all-Mahogany construction with a Rosewood fingerboard and is voiced by a pair of hot open-coil 700T and 650RHumbucker pickups. Like all of our electric guitars, it comes standard-equipped with 500K Ohms potentiometers, our own heavy-duty 3-way pickup selector toggle switch and non-rotating heavy duty output jack. This value-champalso features Chrome hardware including the Epiphone LockTone™ locking Tune-o-matic bridge and Stop-bar tailpiece for amazing sustain and even more mind-blowing value. Accessories include: Studio 10 Guitar Amp, gigbag, strap, cord, pitchpipe, picks, instructional DVD.

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