Epiphone LP Standard Plus-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherryburst Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, September 29, 2011

Epiphone LP Standard Plus-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherryburst
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I bought my Epiphone Les Paul Standard a little over 4 years ago, and it's been my main guitar ever since! If you're looking for the essentials of a Les Paul but for a fraction of the price of a Gibson (not to mention the weight...your shoulders and back will love you for it!), you just can't beat an Epiphone!

I've heard many times from other musicians I've talked to that an Epiphone Les Paul is not a "real" Gibson, it's a Les Paul "copy", etc. These couldn't be any further from the truth.Epiphone is a Gibson company and they use all Gibson manufactured pickups, electronics and hardware. The chief difference between Gibsons and Epiphones is where they're manufactured; Gibsons are assembled in Nashville and Epiphones in Korea. Both are constructed with mahogany bodies and rosewood fretboards, but the only other difference is that Gibson uses AA grade or higher maple for the tops and necks and Epiphone uses mahogany for the necks and alder for the tops.

Many players believe that heavier woods makes a difference in the tone, and in some instances, that's true. But I've played a Gibson LP Standard and an Epiphone LP Standard back to back through the same amp and I heard virtually no difference in the tone. The only thing different between the two was the weight, that's all. The Epiphone was lighter and easier to play sitting down and especially standing, and to me, it sounded every bit as good as the Gibson played both clean and "dirty" (distorted).

In my band, I play my Epiphone through a 100-watt Marshall combo amp; with the main settings on the amp all set on 5 and miked up through the PA, the sound is incredible; if you're up close to the stage, it'll take your head off! I'm not knocking Gibsons at all; I owned one myself once before and loved it. They're nice guitars and worth owning one if you've got the bread to buy it. But if you're on a "budget" like most people, I say dare to compare and simply let your ears be your guide; strap on an Epiphone, crank it up and just let it rip...I guarantee you'll love it!

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Product Description:
This is the undisputed King of Solidbody Electric guitars with a reign spanning sixdecades. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top is an eventual must for a guitarist's collection, because this model lives up to its imposing reputation for unmatched tone and sustain. Legendary guitarist and inventor Les Paul lends his signature to every real Les Paul guitar, authenticating his soveriegn design standards, so you know you are getting "the real thing".From the tone-rich, bound, Mahogany body with beautiful Flame Maple top to the set, Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard with traditional trapezoid inlays, to the rich, vintage tone provided by a pair ofhigh-output Alnico Classic Humbuckers, this guitar is the standard for all others. It also features Chrome hardware, Grover™ tuners, withour newEpiphone LockTone™ locking Tune-o-matic bridge and Stop-bar tailpiece that gives you even more sustain and lasting Les Paul warm tone that you dream about.

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