Agile AL-2000 Black Cherry Flame Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Agile AL-2000 Black Cherry Flame Electric Guitar
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If you are looking for a Les Paul copy, this is the guitar to get.

Fit and finish are EXCELLENT, fret work is EXCELLENT, playability is EXCELLENT and the tone is very good.

I've played a bunch of Epiphone Les Pauls and to my ears, the tone of the Agile is much fuller and complex.I would classify the Epi's tone as "mid-rangy".This guitar almost sounds like it has single coils, almost chimey.

I only gave the tone "very good" because what I was really looking for in tone was something similar to a Les Paul Recording or 56 Les Paul black beauty with single coils.If you have ever heard Les Paul at the Iridium in NYC, you know what I'm talking about.Of course these guitars can cost over 20 times the Agile.

This guitar is definately a keeper.If you are considering an Epi Les Paul, you should take a look at the Agile 2000

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Product Description:
Rondo Music is an American owned and operated family business, founded in 1959. We are committed to selling you the best instrument at the best price for your needs. Rondo Music is the home of SX Guitars, Agile Guitars, Valencia Guitars, Brice Basses, CNB Cases, Drummer's Design and Century Drums, and Hoffman Violins. For questions on any of these products it's best to email us. Thickness of neck at the first fret approx 11/16" Overall length, including the strap button: 40"; Scale length: 24.7" Bridge pole spacing is 3", and the Tail piece pole spacing is 3 1/4" Width at the widest point: 13" Body thickness 2" at edge.Oversized, shipping weight is 30 lbs. Actual Weight is only 10 lbs.

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