Epiphone Lefty Sheraton II Archtop Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Epiphone Lefty Sheraton II Archtop Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst
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A few weeks ago, I sold my Fender American Deluxe Strat. I wanted to replace it with something a little newer with a similar style. My other guitar is an Epiphone LP Standard with a gritty tone and great sustain that spends most of its time in Drop-C, so this guitar will mainly stay in standard/Drop-D tuning. My musical styles range from contemporary Christian/worship (Hillsong, Tomlin, etc.) to hardcore/metal (A7X, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying), so my guitars need to be diverse in their playstyles.

When I first got the guitar home, I noticed it was much taller than my Epi Standard. I had read online that it was heavy compared with guitars of a similar composition, but I'm used to solid-bodies, so it was actually very light despite the greater length. Reviews I've read say that it would be heavy to hold for a performance, but I disagree. If you're used to a solid body, it's very light and comfortable.

But I know that what everyone cares about is playability, so here goes. The first thing I noticed is the clean, beautiful tone that it produces even when unplugged. It's not a replacement for an acoustic by any means, but it's definitely worthy of being played unplugged for practice. Amped with clean settings, it has a very warm tone and produces a stronger output than either my Epi or the Fender with Noiseless pickups.

As for distorted/metal settings, it still has a strong, thick tone, thanks largely to the dual humbuckers which I find to be entirely adequate for all playstyles. It doesn't have great resonance and pinch harmonics are very finicky (read: difficult) with it, but it has good sustain for a semi-hollow body, and is definitely playable for a heavier style of music.

Overall, I have no complaints about this guitar. The strap attaches on the back of the body, which I'm not used to, but is comfortable after a minute or two of adjusting. For the money, this guitar absolutely shines, and for lefties, it's one of the few well-priced, well-equipped machines out there.

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Product Description:
Once hailed by Blues Legend John Lee Hooker as "An out-did 335" The Sheraton II Left-handed edition from Epiphone combines perfect semi-hollowbody tone with impeccable look. Voiced byAlnico Classic Humbucker pickups,this guitar is constructed with a 5-piece Maple neck, traditional Maple Laminate body with a Mahogany center block for amazing tone and sustain. Add a Rosewood fingerboard,and Gold hardware and then make it even more gorgeous with "Tree of Life" headstock inlay and "Block and Triangle" Abalone fretboard inlay.

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