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I ordered this guitar on a whim, actually pushed the button, didn,t realize 'till the next day what I had done. Wanted this guitar to be nice, soapbars, I don,t own a guitar equipped as such,same w/color, tend to go for woods and dark colors, don,t have a basically white guitar. Yes, this is a silver sparkle, it is a very light silver. Looks white ,till you put your nose up to it. WELL, It does look pretty cool, finish is somewhat uneven, price doesn,t dictate finish, (look at Silvertone, gorgeous finish, better than their high priced "brothers" on alot of the guitars) a lot of time it does. This may be the case here. Never understood the fasination w/white on a guitar, but, I think an impeccable finish is probably harder to achive in white. I have not done sparkle finishes yet, especially not in such a light color. (Yes, silver either)Feels great, LP style body, not too heavy, neck a little thick, LP again, but no baseball bat. Pups, replace..... I would almost always replace the pickups in any budget, and even higher quality guitar. But, I could hardly get any real useable sounds, clean...yeah, but I have an acoustic. Sounds like I am really trashing this guitar, well I think I am being fairly objective. I have purchasd several budget type guitars from right here on Amazon, from this same company. The other guitar I got from this same company is the bomb, will be reviewing it also. I hope I have been really lucky so far, and that this is an isolated case, as not all guitars are "perfect". I got an Epi Les Paul standard, custom shop series in faded cherry mahogany,w/gold trim, grover tuners,set neck etc. It was supposed to be damaged according to the web site, I'll be damned if I can find a thing wrong with it. I did put a roller bridge on it as I think tone pros tend to rattle.The point is, I payed less than I paid for this .240 Soap bar. Hopefully, anyone who takes a chance on this looker gets better quality control. Ther are some issues w/scratches, chips and a 1st for me, the neck on this one is wacked. Tuned,inntonated,changed the strings,adjusted the truss, changed, the bridge heighth, nothing. Too bad, really wanted to like this one, will not get another. Already have several LP style guitars, maybe I'll put soaps on one of them! Gretsch With soapbars anyone?

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Product Description:
Win this auction and receive this BRAND NEW - CUSTOM SILVER (Ghost) TOP ELECTRIC GUITAR!

A real players guitar!
Soap Bar type Pickups - warm vintage tone
Selectable 3-way toggle for Rhythm / Treble / Both.
Deluxe gold volume and tone knobs.
22 frets with expanded trapazoid inlays
Bound neck, headstock and top body.
Set neck!Painted Neck Back and Headstock.
un-branded - no name saves you money.
Great deal!BODY WOOD: Mahogany
NECK WOOD:Mahogany

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