Musician's Toolbox: Learn Guitar Chords DVD Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musician's Toolbox: Learn Guitar Chords DVD
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I have used the Fender guitar cords dvd (it came with my fender acoustic for free) and Musician's Toolbox dvd and Musician's Toolbox: Learn Guitar Cords DVD will be the ONLY dvd I use from now on.The dvd is extremely easy to follow and everything is viewed first person on the dvd so when you look down at your hands and guitar, it looks the same!! (This is beyond helpful!!!)The tutorials make everything very easy and keep it short and sweet, not like other dvds.Other products may cost a little less, but Musician's Toolbox ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Musician's Toolbox is completely worth every single penny and I doubt there is a better beginners guitar cords dvd out there. I am SO happy I bought this product and not another.

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Product Description:
The Learn Guitar Chords DVD teaches the user from the First Person Perpective how to play the guitar and features drag and drop portable content that can be put on a computer or iPod, etc.
There are 6 beginning tutorials that teach how to tune, how to hold a pick and strum, how to switch chords, etc.
There are also 14 play-along videos that are set to a slow beat so that the user can practice switching chords.
Finally, there are over 100 of the most commonly used chords, each viewed from the Player's Perspective. These videos provide a great resource for those that are learning new songs, either with their teacher in private lessons, or on their own by searching the internet.
All of the content is evenly paced and friendly, there is no "talking head" and there are no split screens, just clear, first-person instruction.

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