Highway One Telecaster Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Saturday, April 23, 2011

Highway One Telecaster Electric Guitar
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I love this guitar.

It is a made in the U.S. guitar heavily discounted likely on account of the finish.The body has a satin finish rather than lacquer.This has no influence on tone which is vintage classic Tele.Consider that Fender is now selling fake worn guitars.These sound great but look ugly.

The pickups are vastly superior to those on the Mexican made Standard Telecaster.They are still passive single coil pickups which require amplifiers to be boosted for gain and volume.Unlike real vintage Telecasters, there is no hum coming from the pickups.

The tone and volume controls work perfectly as does the pickup selector.The maple neck is a delight to play on and it contributes to the "snap" associated with the Telecaster guitar.

This Tele is balanced perfectly for sitting or standing positions.I never tire of playing this instrument.

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Product Description:
Upgraded and hot-rodded! The Highway One series gets upgraded in full force! Super-sized frets, new Alnico-3 pickups, and new colors take this amazing guitar to the next level. The new Hot Strat pickups create a rounder sound that can sound glassy o...

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