eMedia Learn to Play Guitar Pack Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, April 7, 2011

eMedia Learn to Play Guitar Pack
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It comes with everything you need to start to learn the guitar.

My question is why is there another Emedia guitar pack that costs more? What's the difference?

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Product Description:
The eMedia Learn to Play Guitar Bundle is a complete guitar instruction package - including the guitar!The eMedia Learn to Play Guitar Pack includes everything needed to learn guitar straight out of the box. It is perfect for someone who wants a quality instrument that will last for years. This beginner's package includes a full-size Sequoia acoustic steel-string guitar, a guitar strap, an extra set of strings, a guitar pick and the eMedia Guitar Method CD-ROM. The Sequoia guitar is made from fine woods - the spruce top helps give it a warm, full sound and the durable rosewood fretboard will last through many years of playing. The best-selling Guitar Method CD-ROM teaches with over 165 step-by-step lessons covering everything from basics to chord strumming, playing melodies and fingerpicking.The top of the guitar is where 90% of the tone and sound comes from. The Spruce top gives it a warm, full sound. The polished finish allows the attractive wood grain to show through. It features an attractive pearl-colored highlight around the sound hole. You usually only find this kind of styling and attention to detail on guitars costing hundreds of dollars more. The fingerboard gets a lot of usage. That is why Sequoia guitars use durable rosewood for this part of the guitar.eMedia Learn to Play Guitar Pack IncludesFull-size Sequoia acoustic guitarRosewood fretboardSpruce topeMedia Guitar Method CD-ROMOver 165 step-by-step lessonsGig bagGuitar strapExtra set of stringsGuitar pickeMedia Guitar Method FeatureseMedia Guitar Method is world's best-selling beginning guitar CD-ROM! 155 comprehensive lessons cover everything from the basics through chord strumming, playing melodies and fingerpicking. Includes over 30 videos and over three hours of audio from guitar instructor Kevin Garry,

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