Boulder Creek ECRM2-N OM Solitaire Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boulder Creek ECRM2-N OM  Solitaire Acoustic Electric Guitar
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I bought this guitar on a lark: It was on a great sale from Amazon, and the novel construction (non-traditional bracing, no standard sound-hole, cool looks) lured me in...

I full expected to be unimpressed by the actual guitar, since so many of these types of novelties wind up better on paper than played.

So when I got the guitar, I was very happily surprised.

As promised, it's quite resonant. The upper strings are all quite articulate and ring out terrifically. There's ample bass and midrange, too, especially considering how shallow this guitar is. If anything, I would say the guitar is a wee bit more heavy in the bass/midrange than is my personal preference. But the overall sound is well balanced. (It is worth noting the caveat that there's a sound-hole pointed at the player on this guitar, so that probably has something to do with the sense of an abundance of bass/midrange.)

Plugged in, the amplified sound is also good--probably not a big surprise. Again, the sound is nicely balanced.

Fit and finish out of the box is exceptional. This guitar was made in China, but clearly either under the watchful eye of the manufacturer, or else careful Q/A is performed by manufacturer before shipment to the customer. The only thing I had to do was tune the guitar (the built in tuner is a nice help). The neck is completely straight, and the action is as low as I have seen from the factory on an acoustic guitar. The guitar seems to stay in tune nicely, as well.

One great thing about this guitar is that using a capo doesn't seem to strangle the output. Even capo-ing on the fifth or sixth fret still yields a nice full sound...that was a welcome surprise!

All in all, I am QUITE pleased with this guitar. Good looks; good resonant and balanced sound; great fit and finish. I have purchased guitars for 6x the price that didn't come from the factory in as good shape.

I can't say "this is THE guitar for YOU to buy," since taste in guitar is ultimately a personal thing. But I can say that if you are looking for a quality mid-priced acoustic, I would strongly recommend adding Boulder Creek to your comparison list!

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Product Description:
This small OM body cutaway sounds larger than it looks. An additional front sound port allows this guitar produces an amazing amount of mid-bass.

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